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Alix, Customer Insight Manager at Advalo: "The fulcrum at the center of the organization”

Alix, Customer Insight Manager at Advalo: "The fulcrum at the center of the organization”

Customer Insight Manager is a position created at Advalo to identify new marketing levers, disseminate best practices and identify innovative methods. What are the challenges of such a position and the benefits for our customers? Answered by Alix, data and CRM specialist, Customer Insight Manager.

Whether with customers, partners or internally, CIM ensures that everyone has the right level of information


“It is essential to have “clean” data. That’s the purpose of data quality management. If you have your own, accurate data, you can set up effective marketing actions…”

Alix, Customer Insight Manager at Advalo

What is the role of the Customer Insight Manager at Advalo?

Matching customer messages with consumer expectations is part of Advalo’s DNA. If I had to summarize a CIM’s mission (created by Advalo) in one sentence, I would say that it consists in “disseminating the best marketing practices to achieve this objective.”

Our role involves advocating best practices and coordinating around this new way of marketing as well as defining our future products.

What challenges are inherent in your position?

One of a CIM’s main challenges is to build Advalo on a scalable platform so that it can be deployed throughout the market. In essence, we define internal coordination processes and provide the right tools and documents for all the company’s businesses so that everyone has the right level of information for their mission.

What are your target audiences?

First of all, we support customers and help them prioritize their messages; then we support internal teams, particularly the Customer Success Managers in their daily interactions with clients, so that they implement the right working methods for their client portfolio; finally, we support our partners, working alongside them in the most effective use cases.

How do you define Insight at Advalo?

It means having a vision, coming up with new ideas, contributing innovation, being one step ahead of marketing practices. We are two Customer Insight Managers and we both have real Data expertise, with one of us more focused on CRM and the other more on Media.

We are always looking ahead to be able to provide the entire company and our customers with these best practices, which are constantly changing in response to market developments, technologies, etc.

How do you work to develop these models, these best practices?

We interact with customers very much, constantly fulfilling their needs. We work on study phases and client database observation phases to better understand their problems.

Can you give us an example of the issues you are working on?

One of the real current topics is “marketing pressure”: “My CRM actions are less and less effective, how I can recover efficiency ?”  Thanks to first party data, our objective is to determine the right “customer moment” to define an adapted communication strategy.

Who do you work with in the company to come up with answers to these questions?

We interact with the data scientist teams. In this context, our mission is to initiate and prioritize the exploratory phases when a recurring problem arises and to ensure that the models are implemented. We brief a data scientist by explaining the subject, the answer we want to give and the use case we want to set up later.

Then, they create statistical models, algorithms, which will determine the most appropriate time to talk to the customer and the appropriate offer to make/message to impart. The Customer Insight Manager is responsible for ensuring that the model is a good fit for the question being asked and meets the objectives.

How would you define your position in the organization?

As a cross cutting one. We explore with the data scientists, interact with the technical team to implement models, support the Front Client teams to ensure optimal use of the platform and the Sales teams to put our expertise to work with prospects. We also interface to facilitate the exchange process between these very different profiles.

What added value does the Customer Insight Manager provide at Advalo?

It would be benefiting from Data expertise combined with a strategic vision of our product through an innovative and efficient approach. Beyond our orchestrating role within the organization, we make sure that we are able to predict our customers’ needs so that Advalo continues to provide an innovative response to their marketing issues.