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How to easily integrate new customer data into Adobe Campaign
Feedback Management Reducing Your Customer Costs

How to easily integrate new customer data into Adobe Campaign

Our Adobe Campaign (formerly Neolane) connector offers a simple and efficient way to link your Adobe Campaign account with Skeepers. Here are some of the key ways that this can benefit your customer knowledge and marketing initiatives.

Skeepers makes it easy to add new customer data to the Adobe Campaign CRM

How effectively you can use your CRM truly depends on the amount and quality of your customer data. Customer data is essential for succeeding in your customer relationship management and marketing initiatives. With more customer data, you can increase the effectiveness of your:

  • Customer segmentation based on customized criteria for your company. These criteria could be demographic (age, sex, profession, geographic location, etc.) behavioural (frequency of purchases, customer status, on-site behaviour, etc.) or related to areas of interest.
  • Targeted marketing campaigns, allowing you to adapt the offers and content that are sent to each customer. Targeting plays a key role in effective marketing initiatives.
  • Customized product recommendations, based on your knowledge of each customer’s needs, expectations and preferences, leading to more effective cross-selling / up-selling.

If you’re looking to strengthen your customer relationships and improve your marketing performance, comprehensive customer data must be a priority. This idea is what led us to develop Skeepers, a tool that uses intelligent surveys to collect customer data.


Skeepers’ surveys are “intelligent” because they are:

  • Omnichannel: Surveys can be deployed via all communication channels used to interact with clients: websites, text messages, e-mails, social networks and mobile apps.
  • Most of all, highly targeted: Your surveys are customized, and are deployed based on which customers you would like to receive feedback from, and customer behaviour on your website. Skeepers helps you ask the right questions, to the right people, at the right time.

Our connector for Adobe Campaign gives you the opportunity to update your CRM with new customer data, in real time. By linking Skeepers and Adobe Campaign, data that you collect via your Skeepers surveys will automatically be integrated into your Adobe Campaign CRM’s contact database. From a technical point of view, this transfer takes place via mapping, which allows you to link fields of your survey to fields in your Adobe Campaign CRM.

Centralizing your data on Adobe Campaign

Using a connector to link Skeepers and Adobe Campaign addresses a common issue faced by many companies: the fact that data is often spread out across different information systems. When client information is not centralized, it can be difficult to implement a streamlined customer relations strategy.

To gain a comprehensive overview of your customer base, all data should be centralized on a single platform: a CRM. The Skeepers connector addresses this challenge. It offers the opportunity to obtain more customer data without this data being spread out across more than one platform, making Skeepers an even more valuable resource to use in conjunction with your CRM.

This connector is one of a variety of different tools that enable you to link Skeepers with resources such as APIs, Salesforce, Sugar CRM, Sellsy, MailChimp, Dolist and more.

For detailed instructions on how to install the Adobe Campaign connector, see our customer support resources.

With this connector, we aim to simplify the process of linking the customer knowledge tool Skeepers with your Adobe Campaign CRM.

If you are a user of this CRM, please feel free to request a demo to gain more insight into your customer base, centralize your data in Adobe Campaign and improve the performance of your customer relationship management and marketing initiatives.

You can also read our use case about how Hachette enriches its Adobe Campaign CRM.

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