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Social networks: the 10 food trends of the moment
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Social networks: the 10 food trends of the moment

This content is outdated, we are currently working on updating it!

Omnipresent on social networks, the food sector is raging and has been around for a few years. How has this sector managed to stand out? What are the reasons for its success? What are the trends of the moment, how to follow them? Foodies, here is a list of the trends that are working on social media. To consume without moderation!

Major food trends on TikTok

Mainly used by 13-24 year olds, TikTok must be used by following the codes of the platform: sounds, challenges, transitions, trends of the moment. Everything depends on the algorithm, so you have to stay connected at all times to know how to play with it. 

 TikTok : “what I eat in a day”

This trend aims to show in a short video what we eat as we go. If this trend can be used by everyone …

Everyone can also create his own version: vegan, gluten-free, raw products, as a model …


here is my #whatieatinaday as a #vegan #rawfood edition im 40 yrs old, 14 yrs vegan & just got back excellent bloodtests. waiting for yr duets

♬ original sound – freelee

VIRAL recipes or recipes the more visual on TikTok

Many Internet users (including food influencers) share their recipes on social networks. The magic of virality transforms these recipes into essential dishes to taste, taken up by millions of people. This crazy success even goes so far as to cause sold-out of certain ingredients in supermarkets!

The TikTok wrap:


Everyone can submit their own version of the recipe on the hashtag #wraphack : almost 42 million views for this hashtag which has been working well for months!

Baked feta pasta

With over 126.7 million views, the recipe for baked feta pasta has probably been one of the most shared recipes on the video platform. 

Instagram, the favorite social network of foodies around the world

If some recipes have gone viral in a few hours on TikTok, Instagram is one of the pioneering networks of the food trend. Food influencers share their favorite restaurants and favorite recipes, and we can see that some dishes are particularly popular with food addicts.  

YouTube to share your consumption habits

But it’s not just food influencers who promote the food sector. Everyone gets in there and shares their recipes, habits, and dishes of the day. So on YouTube, we can discover thousands of various videos on the subject.

The other trends of the moment in in the food industry

If the trends and challenges are accelerators of the food sector, some trends more general are affecting the world of food: 

No diet club

No diet club are gastronomic tours of experiences in order to discover the best restaurants in a given city, far from the clichés and tourist traps.

Good food (mental health food, immune food, comfort food, etc.)

During confinement, we became more attentive to our well-being and our diet. We learned that certain foods/dishes could be beneficial for health: nuts, seeds, and vegetables, such as beans and lentils …

Low waste

With climate change and what it entails, restaurants want to offer alternatives by minimizing food waste: reuse peelings, buy local …

Planted based, vegetarian/flexitarian

Meat consumption has been declining in recent years and there are more and more vegetarians and vegans. The food sector is developing vegetarian and vegan, and/or plant-based dishes

The world of food is evolving thanks to the trends that are emerging on Instagram and TikTok mainly. Lockdown has been accelerating this process. With the restaurants closed and free time at home, the preparation of dishes became a sharing, exchange and especially discovery moment: 37% of French people say they have changed their diet during lockdown and 1/3 of French people say they eat 100% homemade meals. More and more food influencers stand out on the networks, share their recipes, their tips …  

If these trends around food are exploding on social networks, they are also becoming part of our daily lives. We can see that dishes evolve in restaurants, depending on what is happening on social networks: more vegetarian, vegan, planted based dishes… Following the trends is interesting, however you also have to know which social networks to use to communicate effectively on its brand.

The hype around the food sector is not likely to run out of steam, on the contrary. Stay connected! 

Photo crédits : Daniel Oberg via Unsplash