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The 5 main advantages of influencer marketing

The 5 main advantages of influencer marketing

This content is outdated, we are currently working on updating it!

Collaborating with micro influencers doesn’t only mean a beautiful picture on Instagram with a decent engagement rate, don’t fool yourself! Micro influence poses many advantages, not the least of which the possibility to innovate and to create original and authentic content to reach your consumers. Hivency, the influence platform, reveals 5 major advantages. 

With micro influence, you can launch beautiful influencer marketing campaigns. Micro influencers (5k-100k followers) are especially loved by users. They’re trusted by their followers and create stunning content for brands to present their products or services after having tested them. They’re added value to any communication strategy. 

1 – The opportunity to re-invent your brand

You can re-invent your brand by communicating your actions via micro influencers, such as in-store events (for instance, meet and greets between content creators and followers), advertising campaigns, videos, influencer reviews on your product pages… You have a broad margin of creative freedom with micro influencers. Now’s the time to imagine your future campaigns differently! Social media apps are constantly creating new features and tools to convert users and they’re all the more useful for brands to communicate with their communities. 

2 – The opportunity to reach your audience quickly and efficiently

Depending on your target audience, you’ll work on different social media apps, and thus, you’ll need to determine the adequate content creators in each case. Knowing that 8 out of 10 youths are influenced by influencers in their consumption choices if your target audience is, for instance, teenagers, it’ll be interesting to launch influence campaigns on TikTok or Snapchat. For other consumers, content creators are still relevant and appreciated. It’s necessary to pay attention to an influencers audience to find the right match that can present your product/service to the desired community. If you succeed, you’ll reach your audience quickly and efficiently. This also offers the possibility to reach the maximum number of consumers

3 – Plenty of KPI’s to measure your campaign’s performance

Pour mesurer la performance de vos campagnes, le taux d’engagement est un très bon indicateur. Il permet de connaître et d’analyser l’engagement des consommateurs à votre marque sur les réseaux sociaux, les blogs et les vidéos. Supérieur à 2 % celui-ci est très bon. Il est important de savoir qu’il est possible d’avoir un taux d’engagement faible, mais un nombre de commentaires et de likes importants.
Pour attester du succès de ses campagnes, le taux d’engagement n’est pas le seul indicateur pertinent. Il en existe en effet plus d’une dizaine de KPIs :

To measure the performance of your campaigns, the engagement rate is an excellent indicator. It allows you to know and analyse the engagement of consumers with your brand on social media, blogs or videos. It’s really good when it’s above 2%. It’s important to note that it’s possible to have a feeble engagement rate, but an important number of likes and comments. 

To back up the success of campaigns, the engagement rate isn’t the only pertinent indicator. We can count on plenty of KPI’s : 

  • Earned media value
  • Reach
  • Tracked links
  • Statistics on traffic towards website 
  • The number of views of the brand’s profile
  • The number of followers
  • The number of publications
  • The number of likes and comments
  • The percentage of positive and negative comments
  • The number of tags and mentions
  • The promo codes 

The best way to glean the most information from your KP’s is to be accompanied by an influencer platform such as Hivency, which will analyse your influencer marketing campaigns with its dedicated tools.  

4 – A unique bond with influencers, but also with consumers

Nowadays, 89% of millennials use social media belonging to the Facebook group, and 51% of them prefer to purchase online (source : Ipsos MORI and Facebook IQ study). Influencer marketing is very efficient and allows to build solid relationships with consumers. Indeed, launching trust-worthy collaborations with micro influencers, you’ll quickly create a bond with their community and by default with your target audience. Collaborating regularly and in the long run with the same micro influencers is more interesting for a brand than doing so occasionally or on-and-off. The more you collaborate with them, the more they’ll talk about you! Nowadays, content creators are the best advertisers of your brand! This winning technique will allow you to evolve them into brand ambassadors. This way you can ask them to leave their opinion on your website, on social media or on communication supports such as your product pages. 

5 – A better ROI than traditional advertising

En 2019, il a été mis en évidence que le marketing d’influence génère 11 fois plus de ROI que la publicité traditionnelle. D’ailleurs 31 % des Français ont déclaré ne pas aimer la publicité. En image, à travers une infographie de notre solution d’influence, découvrez de nos jours les différences entre l’influence et la publicité traditionnelle

In 2019, it became evident that influencer marketing generated 11 times more return on investment than traditional advertising. However, it’s easy to ally the two by using micro influencers or their publications for your advertising campaigns. This allows you to deliver an authentic message. 

No doubt about it, micro influence isn’t only about product placement on Instagram. It’s a communication/marketing channel that allows brands to distinguish themselves from competitors, to launch products/services, to develop their brand image, etc. Micro influencers are the best speakers thanks to the trust that their followers and your consumers place in them.