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What to do when the results of my influencer campaign are not good?
Influencer Marketing

What to do when the results of my influencer campaign are not good?

This content is outdated, we are currently working on updating it!

In a few years, influencer marketing has established itself as an essential marketing strategy: 80% of marketers consider influence to be effective and 89% say that its return on investment is as good as that of other marketing levers, or even better!

Yes, but there you go. For you, influencer marketing doesn’t work. Nothing is lost. Hivency will explain how to correct the situation and save your campaign. 

Collect and analyze the results of your influencer marketing campaign in real time 

Your operation is in progress and your initial objective seems out of reach. Visibility, notoriety, traffic or even sales: in appearance, it’s the flat electrocardiogram. The Internet allows you to collect a lot of data. What to dissect your campaign and consider avenues for improvement. 

The figures should be cross-checked. Some statistics can at first glance be misleading. For example, if you collaborate with small influencers, the number of comments and likes collected may seem low. However, it can mask a high engagement rate, and therefore a more successful operation than you might think. Above all, the data allows you to identify the origin of possible problems. Your “tracked” links are used a lot, but does your landing page have a high bounce rate? Try to determine if it is well optimized.

In practice, to compile the data, consider using a campaign monitoring tool. The one offered by Hivency will allow you to automatically collect key data and view it in real time. Choose clarity and agility: conversational watch tools, such as Talkwalker, will be a great help. Thanks to them, you will know how Internet users feel about your campaign. You can then adjust your brief and repeat the most engaging posts. 

Enlisting the Expertise of Content Creators 

Your operation has started, but, presumably, it’s not taking. Yet you had left nothing to chance. Your brief was perfectly detailed. No room for error. But, wait… Ouch! You made a mistake: viewing influencers as media spaces. By putting their personalities aside, you’ve deprived yourself of what makes influencer marketing fascinating: authenticity. Our advice: go back to basics.

Content creators know their audience inside out. They know how to talk to them, what tone to adopt and what aesthetic universe to deploy. Above all, do not try to erase their singularity. If your campaign is in the dark, the best is to bet on their experience and their special touch. Influencers will be able to give you original suggestions, following with their community and your goals. The result will be authentic and relevant publications that are attractive to Internet users. Remember, co-creation is THE solution to get your influencer marketing campaigns off the ground!

To frame the partnership, give the content creators enough context. This way, they will more easily understand your brand and the purpose of the collaboration. Then, make room for dialogue and let the magic operate…

Offer more personalized endowments 

Despite your best efforts, your campaign is slipping away. The commitment is not there and your calls to action go unheeded. Content creators themselves seem to be disengaging. Do not panic. Take matters into their own hands and offer them personalized endowments. 

These are interesting in several ways. They are great ways to thank influencers for their participation. When these are not remunerated (which is often the case with micro-influencers and nano-influencers) they are particularly important. Proof of recognition, they arouse sincere and communicative enthusiasm, pledge of attractive and unique posts. Nothing like it to stand out from the competition, start a lasting collaboration and, ultimately, ensure the success of your influencer marketing campaigns

A product adapted to the values ​​and use of the content creator, recommendations for use, packaging worthy of a real gift, utensils making it easier to get started with your product or a little note written hand will do wonders. Examples to follow? On the occasion of Grandmothers’ Day, the French jewelry brand Atelier de Famille and the makeup house T. LeClerc charmed their partner influencers by offering them a powder compact and a necklace engraved with their name. Same with the specialist in cookies and desserts Michel et Augustin that has created enthusiasm for his recipe book thanks to a careful package including an ice cream scoop. A very useful little surprise for baking! The result in both cases: successful campaigns. 

Reuse content created by influencers (UGC)

Your partnerships are coming to an end, but the repercussions on your turnover are slow to be felt? Don’t let that get you down. As you know, between the awareness phase and the conversion phase, the purchasing journey can be long. To help consumers move forward in your sales funnel, capitalize on the content obtained at the end of your influencer campaign. 

Those User Generated Content (UGC) is an invaluable resource. Indeed, seeing products in use, handled by “average” individuals, fuels the confidence of the consumers that we are. Proof: 79% of people surveyed say that UGCs have a significant impact on their purchasing decision. Not bad, isn’t it ? 

The UGCs generated by influencers can (& must!) therefore be disseminated as much as possible. Post them on your own social networks! They will be more compelling and engaging than traditional branded content. Recycle them in your own advertisements as well. They will bring them the additional authenticity that they sometimes lack. Finally, reuse them on your product sheets. There, they will allow Internet users to project themselves with the product and will act as a decision aid. 

Major brands such as Dior beauté, Promod, Garnier are already masters in the valuation of UGCs. Now it’s up to you!


You see, the first mixed results do not sign the death warrant of an influence campaign. Depending on the difficulties encountered, different solutions exist. There is always time to go up the slope and leverage your partnerships. The essential : find influencers of confidence. For this and the rest, you can count on Hivency. 

Photo credits : Ayo Ogunseinde

Sources: Mediakix ; Business Wire