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Redesign and Challenge Your Products with Customer Feedback! 

The rapid rise of digital technologies, the weight of e-commerce and new consumer expectations in terms of transparency and brand interaction have revolutionized the customer experience. Meanwhile, customer loyalty has steadily fallen over the last 15 years (source: McKinsey, 2021).


Consumers are savvier, better informed and more willing to test new brands that have good ratings and customer reviews. To remain or become a brand that your customers love, it is essential to redesign or challenge your products and services!


How? By tapping into customer reviews and feedback: an endless source of information to help you optimize your products, journey and customer experience and improve overall brand satisfaction. Another lever to identify and remove any purchasing barriers are smart and personalized surveys, deployed at every stage of the customer journey to increase engagement.

  • What is customer feedback (and how do you collect it)?

    Customer feedback is any type of information your company collects from customers about their experience with your brand and their use of your products and/or services.


    There are several ways to collect feedback from customers. The first, of course, is by asking customers to leave online reviews following a purchase, which are then posted to your website, third-party platforms, Google or other communication channels, such as social media.


    The second is to use smart surveys. These are personalized surveys to which you can add contextual data (email address, date of last purchase, name of salesperson, order number, etc.) and which you can deploy at every key moment of the buying journey (following a call with customer services, a delivery, a first purchase, etc.). The goal is to optimize each stage of your customer experience, as well as the quality of your products, services, etc. The aim is not to share the feedback you receive, but to use it as an internal strategic lever to make the best business decisions, build customer loyalty and increase conversion rates.

  • Customer feedback: a goldmine for redesigning or challenging your products and services

    What better way to optimize your products and services than to ask your customers what they think?


    Ratings, certified customer reviews or survey responses all contain essential information to help you make strategic decisions.


    When customers share their opinions, they focus on the things they were satisfied or dissatisfied with. You can thus identify your products’ strengths, as well as areas to improve. After all, your customers use your product to meet a specific need!


    The second reason to use customer feedback to redesign your products is to optimize your range. By collecting reviews and feedback, you can determine which products generate the most satisfaction.


    Many brands look at ratings to update their catalog. Which proves that customer feedback ratings have become an essential KPI for maximizing product and service performances. 

< class="lg:w-448 font-bold leading-30 lg:leading-35 font-primary mb-29 " >Turnkey customer feedback tools to redesign your products and services

Humanizing the customer journey after the digitalization of brands has become a key issue. Consumers want authentic relationships with brands, but don’t like being over-solicited. This is why collecting customer feedback can be tricky. You need to contact them at the right time and personalize your surveys to maximize response rates. 


Collect customer feedback and redesign your products or services to improve your experience and satisfaction with our solutions: 

  • Ratings & Reviews

    Do you struggle to collect customer reviews and product ratings? Our solution, Verified Reviews, enables you to collect, manage and leverage your customer reviews to improve your online reputation, optimize your products and/or services, reassure consumers and increase your sales. Reviews help convince other consumers to make a purchase.
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  • Insight & Feedback Management

    Do you want to improve your customer journey and products? Then send customers smart surveys and collect their detailed feedback throughout their relationship with your brand. With our Insight & Feedback Management solution, you can easily deploy surveys across all your customers’ channels. Strengthen your relationship and encourage customers to engage more with your brand!
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  • Offer a hyper-personalized experience

    Customers today expect a tailored and personalized experience. This trend includes a brand’s products and services, as well as all customer interactions. Hyper-personalization is about sending the right message, at the right time, at the right frequency, and on the right channel. The same applies to sending out surveys to collect customer feedback!
  • Automate customer feedback collection

    Collect customer reviews after each purchase with a trusted third party. Then post certified reviews to gain the trust of other consumers and reassure them. Reviews are certified when they are related to an actual purchase and the brand undertakes to publish all reviews, positive and negative, as long as they meet their standards (nothing off-topic, no insults).
  • 129

    In 2021, e-commerce sales in France reached more than 129 billion euros.


  • 24%

    It is important to optimize products to improve your ratings: sales increase by 24% when an online score jumps from 3 to 4/5.


  • 71%

    of consumers expect companies to offer personalized interactions and 76% of those surveyed get frustrated when they don’t.


  • 3.9

    Sales take off when a product reaches a score of 3.9 stars and above.


Here are our recommendations to redesign your products and collect customer feedback:

  • Conduct campaigns to collect feedback on both customer experience and product use. 
  • Place reviews at the center of your communications to reassure consumers and show that you value their opinions. 
  • Share customer feedback with all your employees to raise awareness around satisfaction issues and implement practical action plans. 
  • Create your own reports and define your KPIs (overall review rating, NPS, response rate, etc.) to measure customer satisfaction and its evolution over time.
  • Continually monitor customer feedback to identify any issues. 

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Blog articles, case studies, e-books… We have plenty of resources to help you put in place a customer feedback strategy and redesign your products and services.

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