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Living Proof Collects 5800+ UGC Assets with Nano and Micro Influencers 

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Living Proof, a highly popular hair care brand,

partnered with Skeepers to craft genuine User-Generated Content (UGC) experiences for its audience. Their goal was to spotlight real hair challenges faced by real people and break through the typically over-edited and unrealistic hair care content often found on social media. 


The brand aimed for a more straightforward approach to engage a wide range of influencers from various fields, enabling them to generate authentic content that addresses genuine hair care issues for their audience. Skeepers streamlined the process, allowing the brand to efficiently partner with top level micro and mid-tier influencers who could effectively promote the brand’s science-driven products. 


Find out how Living Proof engaged its influencers, connected with their target audience, gained a substantial market share, and improved organic search on Google with authentic content featuring ‘real girls’. 

About Living Proof 


Founded in 2005, Living Proof is a luxury hair care brand under the Unilever umbrella. It pioneers high-end hair care with 45 products across seven unique collections, blending science and real-world hair care challenges in its dedicated laboratory. 

“It’s such a helpful platform. Every team loves it. We all love it here at Living Proof. It’s true that people want to see the faces of influencers who look like them so that they will be convinced to try out a new brand. A lot of the testimonial content we’ve gotten from Skeepers really aligns with our brand values, and it really explains the science behind the products in terms people can understand. Those were really valuable pieces for our team.” 

Cindy Shi Assistant Manager, Influencer Marketing, Unilever