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B2C Brands Embrace UGC To Spark Interest, Build Trust, And Drive Sales

In a digital age where consumer trust is a predominant part of modern marketing, B2C brands are turning to User-Generated Content (UGC) as a catalyst for success. Our groundbreaking research paper with Forrester delves deep into the transformative impact of UGC, revealing how brands leverage authentic consumer voices to ignite interest, foster trust, and drive sales. Backed by comprehensive data and insightful analysis, this paper uncovers the untapped potential of UGC and provides a deeper look into brands that harness its power effectively.

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Key Findings

Survey participants indicated that their companies allocate 35% to 70% of their annual marketing budgets to content across seven distinct categories.

Marketing and customer experience (CX) experts utilize content throughout the entire customer journey: from attracting new audiences, driving sales, and enhancing conversion rates to resolving customer issues and incentivizing content creation.

The majority of respondents expressed their organization’s intention to enhance or update their User-Generated Content (UGC) management platform, with 14% planning to make their initial investment in this area.

Why Should You Read the Report?

Forrester surveyed 213 leaders in social media/marketing, influence, and customer experience involved in their organization’s creator-generated, influencer-generated, and user-generated content. As per the findings, these types of content have emerged as one of the primary areas of investment, with expenditures extending across various stages of the consumer decision-making journey.


Moreover, the report gives you an overview of the current situation, the challenges and the opportunities faced by brands in UGC.

B2C Brands Embrace UGC To Spark Interest, Build Trust, And Drive Sales