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From Stars to Sales: Ratings & Reviews Matter

If you think consumer behaviour is starting to settle in predictable patterns, prepare to amaze yourself. Our inaugural quarterly report on the power of ratings and reviews reveals a wealth of data on what inspires consumers to shop and leave a review.



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About the report

As seasoned architects of successful UGC campaigns across diverse sectors, we bring you insights based on a robust methodology encompassing 26 million brand and product reviews. The report provides deep insights into how consumer sentiments, behaviors, and trends significantly influence ratings and reviews across diverse industries.


Dive in to understand what inspires your consumers and how they make informed decisions in the digital age.

What should you expect? 


  • Comprehensive insights from a dataset of 26 million Ratings & Reviews.


  • Analysis of focused industries: Fashion/Apparel, Cosmetics/Beauty, Travel, Home/Garden, Food & Beverage, Sports, and Consumer Electronics.


  • Year-on-Year review trends revealing consumer behaviors and shopping patterns.


  • YoY growth of brand and product ratings across diverse sectors.

As someone deeply involved in the world of UGC, I’ve witnessed the transformative power of data in decoding consumer behavior. This report transcends mere data compilation; it’s an insightful exploration into how consumer sentiments intricately shape the landscape of ratings and reviews. As we move towards a reality where personal experiences and community dialogue shape reviews, it becomes clear that understanding consumer dynamics is the key to success. 

Angelica Ryes Chief Marketing Officer at Skeepers

From Stars to Sales:

Ratings & Reviews Matter