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influencer marketing laws
Influencer marketing laws

Navigating Influencer Marketing Laws in Europe

Since 2019, the global market of influencer marketing has skyrocketed and hit a jaw-dropping $24 billion in 2024.

While the European market is buzzing with energy, it is mirroring the vibrant and diverse spirit of its people and fuelling the creators’ economy. 



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influencer marketing laws

About the Guide

But with wild growth comes a wild ride. The industry’s lack of uniformity, the rise of digital influencers, and a string of headline-making scandals have called for clear regulations. Brands are now waking up to the game, reimagining their strategies, doubling their budgets, and keeping it real. 


Transparency and truthfulness are the two hot topics in advertising and are the basis of the new laws. In this guide, we delve into the regulations shaping influencer marketing in Europe, arming both local and global brands with the insights required to navigate legal requirements effectively. 

influencer marketing laws

What’s Inside? 

  • General Influencer Marketing Laws in Europe

Gain insights into the overarching regulations governing influencer marketing practices across Europe, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of legal requirements.


  • Regulations for brands and influencers

Explore the legal obligations and responsibilities for both brands and influencers in compliance with European influencer marketing laws, fostering transparency and accountability in all marketing endeavors.


  • Specific country regulations

Delve into detailed examinations of influencer marketing regulations specific to key European countries, including France, Germany, Spain, and Italy. Understand the nuanced legal landscapes of each country to navigate regional complexities effectively.

Navigating Influencer Marketing
Laws in Europe