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Campaign Toolkit - influencer marketing

Toolkit – Influencer marketing campaigns

It is no news that Influencer marketing is experiencing rapid growth and has become one of the most trusted and effective forms of marketing. However, generating User-Generated Content (UGC) with influencers entails both a balance of script and freedom of creativity. Simply sending products to influencers and expecting positive reviews is insufficient.


It is essential to provide them with comprehensive information, making them feel like valued team members. This ensures they have all the necessary details to evaluate the product or service objectively. 

Access to the toolkit
Campaign Toolkit - influencer marketing - Skeepers

Why you need our toolkit

Our campaign toolkit includes worksheets and templates essential for streamlining your influencer marketing campaign. This comprehensive toolkit offers guidance and step-by-step instructions for planning your campaign, ensuring you have all the necessary information organized beforehand.

Campaign Toolkit - influencer marketing - Skeepers

What will you find inside?

A link to our dedicated notion page that gives you templates and worksheets to begin planning your campaigns here and now. You will have access to the following templates: 


  1. Campaign Calendar 
  2. Campaign Goal Setter 
  3. ChatGPT Prompts 
  4. Influencer Research Checklist 
  5. Influencer Outreach Email Templates 
  6. Influencer Brief Template 

With influencer marketing, you are essentially placing your brand in the hands of another person hoping they will bring in more consumers, business, awareness, and more. It is rewarding but risky at the same time. I cannot emphasise more on meticulously planning every bit of your campaign to make it fail safe.


The more information you give your influencers at the right time and in the right way, the more likely you are to receive UGC that aligns your brand personality.

Angelica Reyes CMO, Skeepers

Toolkit – Influencer marketing campaigns