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2024 UGC Trends Unveiled: A Deep Dive into Strategy and Trendsetting!

Webinar Replay

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Courtney Siegel, VP of Marketing at Skeepers, was joined by Karen Behnkle, Founder at Juice Beauty, for an exclusive webinar.


During this webinar, we discussed:

🚀 Dynamic Video Trends 

💡 The Power of Authenticity 

🌟 UGC Infused Adds 

🌐 Innovation with Nano Influencers 

🏢 Rise of in-house Teams 


If you were unable to attend the live event, don’t miss the chance to watch the playback and learn about UGC trends across industries. Download the webinar recording and immerse yourself in the conversation to develop an understanding and significance of the ever changing retail trends.


After filling out the form on this page, expect to receive an email shortly with a link to access the recording

Karen Behnkle

Founder at Juice Beauty

Courtney Siegel

VP of Marketing