Our people-smart SaaS solutions

SKEEPERS solutions are tools that we call “people-smart” because the insights and content generated allow us to better understand customers, improve brand performance (online & offline) and activate more relevant marketing actions, therefore being more effective.

Ratings & Reviews

SaaS solution for collecting, publishing and analyzing customer reviews. Involve your customers and let them create value for you by improving your commercial performance.

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Insight & Feedback Management

SaaS platform for the management and optimization of the Customer Experience. Listen to your customers, improve their experience and value their feedback by easily engaging your teams.

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Consumer Videos

SaaS solution to collect and disseminate at scale authentic, relevant and quality videos created by your customers. Focus on User Generated Video to increase your sales.

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Insight Activation

Boost your web and shop sales with artificial intelligence.

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Influencer Marketing

Connect nano and micro-influencers with your brand and let them speak for you through authentic and real messages.

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Live Shopping

Gather, activate and engage your live communities around powerful and unifying video events.

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Machine learning and blockchain

  • Collect the data
  • Authenticate customer data and profiles thanks to the blockchain
  • Understanding and anticipating consumer behavior with machine learning and AI
  • Rewarding customers via the blockchain
  • Activate “win-win” brand / customer relationship