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Tech industry: 10 hacks to take off with influencer marketing

Tech industry: 10 hacks to take off with influencer marketing

The Tech sector is experiencing phenomenal growth. Startups, unicorns, and innovative technology companies are « disrupting » the market with connected objects, applications, and revolutionary products.

The risk for digital startups and other new technology specialists? Leaving consumers high and dry, knocked out by an offer as complex as it is abundant.

Fortunately, tech companies have a great way to reach their target audience and stand out from the competition: influencer marketing.

Hivency, MarTech’s micro-influencer expert, reveals 10 hacks to help your business take off thanks to tech influencers and other content creators. Destination… stratosphere!

 Collaborate with Tech influencers to educate the market

The Tech industry doesn’t do anything like other industries. In this field, even consumer behavior is quite singular. Faced with an abundant, indecipherable, and often expensive offer, this one aspires to be influenced. Before buying, the consumer does a lot of research to make an enlightened choice.

Tech influencers find their reason for being. These popularizers decode the latest innovations for the benefit of the public. Not a single feature or technical characteristic escapes their keen eye.

As sharp as they are clear, their analyses guide consumers through the jungle of technological solutions. Internet users love reviews, crash-tests, and other rankings. After all, who hasn’t looked at a « top robot vacuum cleaners » or a « best Bluetooth speakers » comparison?

In short, Tech influencers educate audiences and guide them in a very competitive market. As real thought leaders, they are privileged relays for innovative brands that want to find their place in the sun.

Anchoring technology in everyday life thanks to lifestyle influencers

As good « early adopters », lifestyle content creators are also interested in high-tech solutions. Unlike their « geek » counterparts, they focus, however, on the product benefit more than on the technical features.

Their role is twofold. They show the innovation in a practical situation and underline its strong points regarding a specific category of consumers. Their message is addressed to a niche, which they and their audience represent. To speak to its ideal customer, each brand must therefore collaborate with content creators in line with its personas.

The startup Morphée, for example, works with micro-influencers from various sectors (lifestyle, decoration, sports, etc.). The objective: to show each Internet user how the My Morphée meditation box can be integrated into their daily life and solve their sleep problems. The French Tech start-up has been very successful, with nearly a million users reached in each of its campaigns.

Speak truer and aim right with micro-influencers

Nano and micro-influencers are choice relays for Tech brands. Indeed, « small » content creators have many advantages:

  • They benefit from a strong recommendation power, as they are close to their audience and considered authentic.
  • They naturally evangelize their subscribers because they are eager for discovery and sharing (pure early adopters!).
  • They reach specific customer segments because they appeal to a niche audience.

Blacknut Gaming, « the first streaming video game platform for the whole family » has not been wrong. Supported by Hivency, this tech nugget deploys a surgical influence strategy. It’s secret to reach its ideal customers? Betting on moms who are passionate about online games: a very specific category of influencers, particularly followed by its target. Well done!

Involving experts to untangle the Tech threads

Tech and innovation companies are breaking codes, even if it means losing the public along the way.

Questions are shaking in the minds of Internet users: How do VPNs, recently propelled by cybersecurity startups, work? Isn’t it dangerous to eat the insects raised by some FoodTech? And what about CBD, the new favorite ingredient of BeautyTech?

As consumer emissaries, content creators can bring these questions to experts’ attention to get some simple, serious explanations. So why not suggest an influencer interview with a product manager or engineer?

Focus on didactic content to decode innovations

High-tech products and services are often complicated. It is essential to help consumers fully understand their interests and functioning. For this, didactic content is required.

Very concretely, demonstrations, crash-tests, tutorials, reviews, and even vlogs are recommended. These long contents allow answering in detail to the consumers’ questions. What is the product used for? How does it work? Why should I choose it in my particular case? These questions are essential and should not be left unanswered.

Making  « Live » for even more authenticity

A popular choice in times of lockdown, « live » is becoming a must-have format on social networks. Live streaming is a guarantee of authenticity. Synonymous with « real » content, it encourages interaction and increases user engagement.

For tech companies, live streaming is an excellent way to demonstrate and answer consumers’ questions in a relevant manner. It is therefore a tool to adopt urgently.

Don’t neglect the blog, your best ally for good SEO

Sometimes forgotten, the blog remains nevertheless a particularly interesting acquisition lever for Tech companies. In addition to being didactic, blog posts promote natural referencing.

Here again, the Tech nugget Morphée has a step ahead. Still supported by Hivency, it uses bloggers to appear in a high position on Google. The request « Morphée opinion » immediately refers to a multitude of blog articles. The best way to be found easily by consumers!

Invest YouTube, the second largest search engine after Google

The streaming platform YouTube is naturally emerging as THE social network to communicate on when you’re an innovative brand. Here’s why:

  • It is the second most used search engine after Google. It’s impossible not to be where consumers get their information.
  • Video is particularly well suited to the presentation of electronic objects and other innovative solutions. This format makes it possible to deploy an educational discourse in an accessible way.

So if you haven’t already done so, it’s time for you to collaborate with YouTubers.

Always focus on the must-have Instagram

When it comes to influencer marketing, Instagram is indisputable. 81% of internet users use this social network to search for products and services. Therefore, it is inconceivable not to be active on this platform.

Moreover, for the past few years, Instagram has been diversifying its features. The Guides are like blog posts while the Reels, Stories, and IGTV allow to broadcast more or less long videos. Something to inform social users in a very digestible way.

Be the standard-bearer of « tech for good » on social networks

Architects of tomorrow’s world, innovative companies are called upon to get involved for the common good. A vector of visibility and a catalyst of engagement, influencer marketing can help them take on their social and environmental responsibility while promoting their values.

With Hivency’s help, Fnac Darty Pro was able to support the association Solidarité avec les Soignants as part of a French marketing campaign, while gaining visibility. The principle of the campaign: for each photo published, the corresponding article was offered to French hospitals. The result: 90 micro-influencers mobilized, no less than 488,000 Internet users reached, and 82 rest rooms equipped. Definitely good!

So, ready to implement our 10 hacks to propel your business? A 360-marketing solution, Hivency helps you find the best tech and lifestyle influencers to develop your brand, generate trust and increase sales. Request a demo!

Photo credits:  Andre Hunter via Unsplash 

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