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5 tips from influencer marketing experts to optimize your social media strategy
Influencer Marketing

5 tips from influencer marketing experts to optimize your social media strategy

This content is outdated, we are currently working on updating it!

The very exclusive Clubhouse platform, launched in April 2020, has quickly become the new trendy social network. A novelty presenting a new format, without messaging system, without photos or videos, the network is used with closed eyes since it communicates only by voice.

We then find “rooms” organized by thousands of people around the world throughout the day. For the influencer marketing, the influencer platform Hivency testing this novelty seemed obvious in order to continue training marketers in influencer marketing. Thus was born “What if we spoke Influence?”, A weekly room dedicated to influencer marketing with guests from the sector.

In total, 4 rooms were animated before the summer evoking various subjects: Engagement rate, influence campaigns, content creator profession, new formats on networks… Each of the guests brought their expertise and their point of view on these various themes.

In this article, discover all the tips from our guests, among other things, gaining subscribers without losing engagement, activating a micro-influence strategy, developing media through its networks and optimizing SEO through the blog channel.

Tip # 1: Be on constant watch and create spontaneous and engaging content

Mélanie Dhaleine, from the Instagram account @Melaniedhln is a lifestyle content creator and user of Hivency. As a beauty blogger as well, she has a community of 7,800 followers on Instagram. According to her, in order to stay as close as possible to her community and maintain a strong commitment, it is essential to remain spontaneous in the production of content. To do this, it is better not to play a role, but to remain yourself! An engaged community is the key to influence

The best way to maintain the engagement of your followers is to know them as well as possible in order to know how to adapt to your audience. An adaptation that goes through empathy since you have to try to put yourself in the shoes of your target. The easiest way for this exercise is to start by defining the target audience and the sectors that fit the influencer (sport, travel, fashion, food, etc.), then to follow the same guideline. 

Mélanie Dhaleine also recommends getting up to date with new features and learning to get out of your comfort zone to test new trends in social networks. With the rise of the Reels feature on Instagram, focusing on short, dynamic video content works very well today. It is this type of new format that attracts users, who are fond of exclusive content. 


Tip # 2: Avoid the race to reach

Social network expert, Charles Vogel is Social Media and Influence Manager within the french media MylittleParis whose objective is to introduce good addresses in French cities to his 5 million community. Internet users. The Instagram account @MylittleParisaccount enjoys a large audience (1 million followers). 

The first piece of advice Charles Vogel gave us when we first checked in at Clubhouse was to avoid the rush to the Reach. According to him, the most important is not the visibility, but the engagement of an audience. He also advises, like the Mélanie Dhaleine, to bet on the new functionalities. On the other hand, he warns about certain new features that can sometimes be complicated to manage at launch as a brand. For Charles Vogel, a content creator must be present on different types of platform, social networks initially, but also on a blog, which allows them to gain more visibility and optimize their SEO.

Tip # 3: Find the right influencers

Charles Vogel’s last tip disclosed during the event is for brands wishing to launch influencer campaigns: you have to know how to diversify in order to activate several levels of influencers. Macro-influencers with a community of more than 100,000 subscribers bring great visibility to brands while micro-influencers have a smaller community, but are also more engaged

Regarding the fashion industry, Melchior Carissimo, Talent Manager at AD Crew, agrees with Charles Vogel and also explains that to find the right influencer, you have to activate several levers in this sector: 

  • Macro-influence to find brand ambassadors in order to establish its visibility
  • Micro-influencers who play an essential role in the world of niche pieces, for example those which do not reach the general public.

The key to success lies in being close to influencers

Melchior Carissimo is a talent manager at AD Crew, a Parisian agency specializing in influencer marketing. This agency advises fashion, luxury, beauty and lifestyle brands in their digital and event strategies. The agency also supports around fifteen famous content creators.

With his experience, Melchior Carissimo advises marketers in charge of influence to find the influencers who correspond to the brand. The task is difficult, because you have to be endowed with precision so that these profiles coincide with the universe of each brand, but also be creative to be able to stand out from the crowd. For this, we must also attach importance to the relationship built with influencers. As he explains : 

Melchior Carissimo_Hivency blog

“The most important thing in the work of a Talent Manager is to be close to your influencers: you have to know how to understand them and use kindness towards them to create long-term relationships


Tip # 4: Develop your social networks as a media 

Alice Polack is a content creator and founder of the Instagram account @ LaCrèmeDeParis dedicated to sharing good addresses and the best food spots in the capital. In just a few months and following the lockdowns (Internet users were considerably more connected), Alice Polack has experienced a tremendous growth on Instagram. The strong point of its media? A wide variety of formats offered such as Reels, Guides, Carousels and more recently a weekly newsletter.

Create a visual identity specific to your universe

To transform your Instagram food account into a media, your first piece of advice is to think carefully about creating a visual identity : you have to be able to be recognizable by your community and offer original posts that look like both to the content creator and to the subscribers. While building your own DNA can take time, it’s a strategy that pays off in the medium and long term. Communication specialist through her experience in a digital agency, Alice advises to stay informed of the news to find new trends quickly and not to wait too long before publishing content, otherwise there is a risk of “arriving too late”.

Always remain objective in her feedback

The last piece of advice from Alice Polack is by far the most valuable for this type of media content:  objectivity. Alice does not partner with restaurants, which allows her to provide objective review to her community. By applying these tips and continuing to grow on Instagram, Alice is on her way to creating her true media. The visibility she obtains through her Instagram account has already enabled her to launch her own newsletter and meet chefs and personalities from the world of food.

Tip # 5: Go on Instagram Reels and adopt the video format

The last guest of the season is a micro-influencer recognized on social networks: Ayla Rasulov aka @Aylarasulov has 82.4k subscribers, she is also the founder of a communication agency specializing in influencer marketing and professor in a communication school.

Expert in influencer marketing thanks to her multiple functions, she gave three best practices: 

  • For influencers who want to develop their community, it is essential to choose the collaborations you want to do and not to accept everything ! You have to know how to find your niche and select the best partnerships to provide quality content to your community. 
  • She also advises starting in influencing on influencer platforms like Hivency, which she considers “a very good platform for beginners”. 
  • Finally, the content creator strongly recommends switching to the Reels format, which she considers to be the new breath of Instagram. Especially if the of brand target is mainly young, because the GenZ or the Millennials crave video format and look only rarely called classical publications

For complete details on the new Instagram formats Hivency conducted a comprehensive guide to this social network which continues to innovate and retain over 1.3 billion monthly active users worldwide each month.

 Reminder: what is Clubhouse? 

To come back to Clubhouse, the principle of the platform is based on exclusivity : to be able to register, you must have been invited by a member. However, in order to develop massively, the social network has just declared that it will be possible to have an account without invitations from summer 2021

First available only on iPhone, this platform has recently been adapted to Android devices to allow as many people as possible to take part in the adventure. A novelty that has experienced such growth that the Spotify brand, streaming giant, recently launched a similar platform to compete with it: Greenroom. 

The show “What if we talk about influence?” is back in September and all the Hivency teams are already eager to learn more! Follow us on our networks, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter to stay informed. In the meantime, offer us your suggestions for themes or actors in the world of influence whose advice you would like to know!

Photos credits : Hivency