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The benefits of synchronising Skeepers and Microsoft Dynamics
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The benefits of synchronising Skeepers and Microsoft Dynamics

You can add data from your Microsoft Dynamics account using Skeepers’ connector. This connector makes it possible, among other things, to automatically add all the data collected from questionnaires distributed to your customers back into your CRM.

In addition, it indirectly improves your marketing campaigns’ ROI. We’ll explain how synchronising works and its main benefits for your business.

How to synchronise the Skeepers solution to your Microsoft Dynamics 365 account?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a customer relationship management software developed by Microsoft. Recognized as one of the most complete CRM softwares on the market, Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows your company to centralize all the data you have about your customers on a single platform, as well as carrying out customized sales and marketing operations.

To make users’ lives easier, MyFeelBack has been offering a connector with Microsoft Dynamics 365 since last year. This connector allows you to put all data collected through MyFeelBack questionnaires back into your Microsoft Dynamics account.

Useful to know: MyFeelBack regularly develops new connectors. To date, our solution offers connectors for Adobe Campaign, Salesforce, Sellsy, Sugar CRM, MailChimp and Zendesk. We also offer our users an API.

With the Microsoft Dynamics connector, you can easily synchronise your Microsoft Dynamics account using our customer knowledge solution. We have made every effort to be able to fully integrate the two systems.

Would you like to learn how to interface the Skeepers connector with your Microsoft Dynamics account? Follow the step by step instructions in this detailed tutorial.

connector microsoft dynamics

In this tutorial, you will learn how to configure the mapping rules within Skeepers. Mapping enables you to match the fields in your questionnaires to your contact card details in Microsoft Dynamics. Once your mapping is configured, data collected from your Skeepers questionnaires can automatically be added to your Microsoft Dynamics account in real time.

selection connectors

Do you have any questions about interfacing MyFeelBack with your Microsoft Dynamics account? If so, feel free to contact us. Our teams are on hand to help you reach a successful integration.

The benefits of synchronising Skeepers to Microsoft Dynamics 365

Enrich customer data in Microsoft Dynamics 365

There are two main benefits to using the Microsoft Dynamics connector to integrate Skeepers with your CRM software. Firstly, integrating MyFeelBack will allow you to add customer data from your Microsoft Dynamics account. This is the first benefit.

We created Skeepers so we could help companies with their customer knowledge processes. We are convinced that improving your knowledge about your customers helps to build better relationships with them, while improving sales performance.

We help you develop your customer knowledge through carefully targeted and cross-channel questionnaires. We give you the opportunity to deploy your questionnaires using all your media and across all channels, from your website to social networks, via SMS, email and mobile applications.

By using this provided connector, you can integrate Skeepers into your Microsoft Dynamics account. You can track freshly collected customer data from your questionnaires, in your CRM software. The answers collected through Skeepers automatically synchronise in Microsoft Dynamics’ customized fields and in real time. This integration therefore allows you to keep your contacts data up-to-date, but also add data relating to customer dissatisfaction, product preferences, interests and profiles.

microsoft dynamics sheet

By synchronising Skeepers you can have a 360° view of your customers and avoid having scattered customer data across your entire range of marketing tools. All the data you hold about each of your customers can be collected and combined onto a single platform: your CRM.

In addition, if you have connected your Microsoft Dynamics account to the Chatter app, you can receive MyFeelBack notifications for each response collected.

We keep repeating it in our blog posts: Your CRM’s power is directly related to the quality and quantity of the data it contains. Synchronising MyFeelBack with your Microsoft Dynamics account makes your CRM more powerful.

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Trigger customised actions on your contacts in Microsoft Dynamics 365

Here is our second benefit of integrating Skeepers and Microsoft Dynamics, which follows on from the first. Integrating the system allows you to send customized marketing actions to your Microsoft Dynamics contacts.

Although Skeepers is a customer knowledge tool, we know that the information collected from your customers is only relevant if it is used through your marketing actions. Microsoft Dynamics 365 not only centralizes all your customer data, but also and more importantly it manages your customer relationships.

The more customer data your CRM contains, the more you can customize your marketing campaigns. This is where the second advantage lies in synchronising Skeepers/Microsoft Dynamics, Integrating the systems allows you to add to your CRM data and in doing so strengthen your targeted and customized marketing activities.

By connecting the two ecosystems, you can run more targeted marketing campaigns based on your customers’ age, gender, product preferences and purchasing habits … But most importantly you will improve the ROI of your business.

All in all, integrating MyFeelBack and Microsoft Dynamics can improve the performance of your marketing and help you reach your business objectives more easily.

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