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Top 5 Ways to Boost Your Visibility with Influencers
Boost your brand awareness Influencer Marketing

Top 5 Ways to Boost Your Visibility with Influencers

Are you a young brand looking to make yourself known? To reach a younger audience, boost your new online store’s visibility, or simply raise your brand awareness? 

In 2022, 90% of marketers stated that influencer marketing was an excellent way to boost visibility (source: Influencer Marketing Hub). Here are our five tips to help you make your brand known with influencer marketing. 

Tip 1: Adopt an Influencer Marketing Strategy 

Influencer marketing has become a key marketing tool for building brand awareness and reaching new consumers, through long-lasting relationships between brands and influencers. Influencers recommend brands on social media, boosting their visibility. 

The Influencer Marketing Market  

The influencer marketing market has boomed in recent years and represents nearly 14 billion dollars, which is 20 times more than in 2015. 

More and more brands have incorporated this form of marketing into their strategy, to increase awareness and reach Gen Z, who have a strong social media presence. Millennials are also very active on these apps. In fact, according to HubSpot, 4 billion people use social media worldwide, for approximately 2 and half hours a day. 

Influencer Campaign Strategies 

Influencer campaigns enable you to create partnerships with influencers, who showcase your brand and products/services on social media. They also introduce your products to their followers and therefore help raise your brand awareness. 


There are several influencer marketing strategies that you can use, such as gifting, which consists in sending free products to an influencer in exchange for posts on social media. This practice is much more genuine and cost-effective than paid campaigns. There are no additional costs except for postage. And the influencer is not paid to give their opinion on the product, which makes their experience more reliable in their followers’ eyes. 


We recommend using giveaways as part of your influencer campaigns, to increase your brand awareness. Ask your influencers to invite their followers to win some of your brand’s products, by completing certain tasks. For example, following your brand, liking the post, tagging their friends in the comments, etc. All of the above will help you increase your brand awareness and gain more followers on social media. 

Tip 2: Collaborate with Nano- and Micro-Influencers 

Our second tip is to work with influencers with smaller communities: nano– (1,000 to 10,000 followers) and micro-influencers (10,000 to 100,000 followers).  Read on to find out why. 

They Are Niche Influencers 

Nano- and micro-influencers often specialize in a particular field, such as beauty, sport, food, etc. They have less followers than macro-influencers (> 100,000) or celebrities (> 1 million), but their community is interested in their content on these niche topics. Your products are more likely to appeal to a nano- or micro-influencer’s followers, because they look to them for recommendations. They have a closer relationship with their community: their followers see them as experts, friends even, and trust their opinion more than macro-influencers. 

Nano- and Micro-influencers Have a Better Engagement Rate 

Nano- and micro-influencers have smaller communities and position themselves as experts on a specific theme. They therefore have higher engagement rates than other influencers. The engagement rate is a key KPI in influencer marketing. It represents the number of interactions (likes, comments, shares), compared to the number of views on a post. If a post has a high engagement rate, it has reached the right audience, that is interested in its content. Nano- and micro-influencers, who are experts in your domain, are likely to be interested in your brand and to become customers. 

Tip 3: Turn Your Influencers into Ambassadors 

The Benefits  

Brand ambassadors are people who promote your brand in a natural and spontaneous way. The influencers you work with are potential ambassadors because they already recommend your brand on social media and, if they’ve accepted to partner with you, they like your brand. 

Here are the major benefits of turning your influencers into ambassadors: 

  • They know your brand well. 
  • They will repeatedly share a message with their community, which will increase your visibility and conversion rate. 
  • They are collaborating with your brand because they like your products and/or have the same values, so their recommendation is more spontaneous. 
  • The close relationship between the influencer and your brand will be strengthened. 

For example, the French textile leader, Isotoner, regularly collaborates with a selection of influencers who have become genuine brand ambassadors.

The Process  

To turn influencers into brand ambassadors, you need to identify the profiles you’ve been working with for a while and whose content you are satisfied with. 

To strengthen your relationship and plunge them into your brand’s world, take them behind the scenes: invite them to events and press trips, send them products to test before the launch, etc. Finally, to create a deep relationship with them, make them feel valued and thank them. For example, reshare their posts on your own social media accounts. 

Tip 4: Use Different Social Networks and Formats 

Be Where Your Target Is 

Today, influencers are on several social media platforms, and each app has its own rules and formats. You need to target the ones your audience is on. 

For example, TikTok boomed after lockdown. After winning over the younger generations, the app has seduced Millennials, too. TikTok promotes entertaining video content of people who don’t take themselves too seriously. Whereas Instagram, for example, the social media platform of choice for influencer marketing, offers more polished photos or videos via reels and stories

Pro tip: make sure that you’re on the same social media platforms as your target. Don’t collaborate with influencers on TikTok just because it’s trendy. Think about whether it fits with your brand and if your prospective consumers use the app.  

Innovate with Live Shopping  

Live shopping was imported from China and is winning over more and more brands in France and Europe. It is a 100% online sales technique and a powerful tool to boost your online sales while adding a human touch to your customer journey. Live shopping aims to recreate an in-store experience online. 

During live shopping sessions, hosts present a selection of your products to an audience of consumers. Participants can interact in real time with the hosts via a chat, which strengthens their sense of closeness with the brand. 

Lots of brands, such as Micromania, Monoprix or La Redoute collaborate with journalists and influencers to host their live shopping events alongside their own employees. Live shopping is a great way to engage with your community and, when you invite an influencer, reach new consumers: their followers. They will be delighted to take part in a live co-hosted by an influencer they follow and like. Don’t forget, followers see micro-influencers as experts and friends because they have a strong bond with their community. Inviting an influencer to host your live shopping event is yet another way to create a strong, lasting bond with your customers

Tip 5: Launch Large-Scale Influencer Campaigns 

Now that you know how effective influencer marketing is to increase your brand awareness, we recommend implementing a large-scale strategy to maximize your results. Launching regular influencer marketing campaigns, at key times of the year (such as a product launch), will help you repeatedly share an authentic message.  

We recommend using a tool to support this strategy. 

Call on an Influencer Marketing Platform 

According to HubSpot, the main challenge brands encounter when implementing their influencer marketing strategy, is finding influencer profiles. It is important to collaborate with influencers who fit with your brand, business and values. If you decide to work with micro-influencers, you will also need a tool to discover new profiles and contact them. 

In other words, using an influencer platform will help you: 

  • Create campaigns: define achievable goals and brief influencers on how to create content. You need to find the right balance between letting the influencer’s voice and your key product information. 
  • Get in touch with influencers: target profiles that match your expectations, discover new profiles to reach new targets and communicate with them, all in one tool.  
  • Reuse the social media posts for your campaigns. 
  • Analyze and measure your campaign results with precise KPIs and dashboards.