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Brand-influencer partnership: tips for a perfect brief
Boost your brand awareness Influencer Marketing

Brand-influencer partnership: tips for a perfect brief

As you probably already know, the brief plays a crucial role in the success of an influencer marketing campaign. To launch quality campaigns and reach the fixed objectives, content creators must be well-informed. Discover the secrets to create a perfect influencer brief and obtain amazing publications as part of your campaigns.

Add context to the brief to give sense to the influence campaign

To be able to live up to your expectations, influencers must understand the context of your campaign. Your brief should contain the necessary information regarding your enterprise, your offer and your operations. For this, present the information clearly and concisely: 

Your brand, your mission, your values and history. Thanks to these elements, content creators will better understand and appreciate the message you intend to transmit with your campaign. This information will favor the implication of the influencer.

Your product or service. Consider influencers as premium clients. To appreciate your offer fully and promote it with their followers, they must be aware of its efficiency, how to use it and the main characteristics of the product/service.

✅ The objective of the campaign and the KPIs you’ll use to analyze it. Explain, in the simplest of terms, the objective of the collaboration (increase notoriety, launch a new product…). This will avoid confusions and misunderstandings.


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Clearly define the desired posts in the influencer brief

In the influence sector, the perfect brief is a balance of creative freedom and unequivocal directives to guide the influencer. In the sense of guiding directives, you should include:

The date of publication and deadline. Be mindful of setting reasonable deadlines, take into account the delivery period, the testing phase and the required effort to produce quality content.

The kind of content you desire (pictures, reels, videos, blog articles…) the social media and the profile (in case the influencer has more than one account). 

The hashtags and keywords. Simplicity is essential, otherwise you risk generating confusion with the message. Insist on one or two key ideas (local production, bio product…)

The call to action. This is a highly strategic point in your influencer marketing campaign. The call to action (CTA) must be clearly presented and attractive. If you’re organizing a giveaway, think about the best way to clearly formulate the entry conditions and the rules to choose the winners.

Promo codes, affiliate codes, landing pages. Pay attention to small writing errors in this phase, they could be fatal.  

What you can and cannot do. Legal obligation to disclose the collaboration, never mentioning competitors, attention to spelling mistakes…


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Let influencers imagination fly

Creativity is influencer’s main quality. They’re original and authentic, and they know how to address their communities. Contradicting their style and tone of voice would imply breaking the coherence of their editorial line and the trusting relationship they’ve built with their followers. Don’t forget, content creators don’t intend to turn their social media profiles into advertising spaces.

But then, how can I gain publications that are up to my expectations? Evidently, the most important step will be an adequate choice of influencers, that are in line with your brand, for optimal results in your campaigns. To obtain everything you want and more from your campaigns, set a framework and guide your collaborators by proposing different sources of reference or inspiration.

An image. As we all know, an image is worth a thousand words. Photographs, illustrations and other elements of a mood board must imperatively be present in your brief. This will make your expectations clear to the content creators without suffocating their creativity. 

An attractive element. A challenge or a concrete theme (New Year’s outfit, summer makeup, birthday lunch…) will create a framework that will inspire the influencer’s imagination through a guided lens.

A proper compensation. Invite your influencers to an exciting event or send them inspiring gifts. Send, for instance, a thoughtful package, with accessories that stimulate the influencer’s creativity. You can also invite them to choose for themselves the compensation they desire. In this way, many of them will be able to conceive a publication that matches their universe on social media.


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Have a close relationship with your influencers

Influencer marketing is, above all, based on human interaction. Our brief mustn’t be an exception to this rule. You should care for your relationship with influencers from the start. We advise: 

When you initiate contact with a content creator, introduce yourself and personalize the message. This way you’ll establish the basis of an authentic relationship with your future brand ambassadors

Address your influencers in a natural and kind manner. Don’t hesitate to use emojis whenever it feels pertinent.

Be pedagogic and don’t use overly formal language, especially when dealing with microinfluencers, nanoinfluencers or consumers. 

Propose a compensation that is in step with the efforts of the influencer. Avoid being too demanding with micro and nano influencers that are not remunerated. For instance, during a consumer review campaign, simply ask consumers to freely give their opinion through a text that it’s a minimum of 200 words.

Keep an open mind. Offer content creators the opportunity to contact you through the messages of your influencer platform, through your mail or social media.

You now have all the keys to elaborate the perfect brief. Do you feel ready to make your brand soar thanks to content creators and consumers?

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