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How Clarins increased its brand awareness in the US thanks to micro-influencers.

Building Awareness Across Skincare, Cosmetics, and Fragrance in a New Market

Industry: Beauty
Location: New York, United States
Employees: 5,000 – 10,000

The Goal

The high-end French brand, Clarins, wanted to increase its brand awareness in the US, especially among a newly-targeted younger demographic.  Known primarily for skincare, Clarins wanted to spread awareness of their complimentary product lines, like cosmetics, perfume, and body care. While the brand can’t control the conversation happening on social media, using a platform like Octoly allows them to build a stronger relationship with influencers and help to shape the perception of the brand. 

Our Solution

As an incredibly data-driven brand, it was essential that they were able to rely on content analytics to optimize for future campaigns and understand which assets and products were resonating with the community.  When partnering with Octoly, Clarins US emphasized the importance of reach and engagement, carefully targeting influencers to meet each of those goals. They strategically launched a combination of “always-on” and product-launch specific campaigns to continuously refresh and re-engage the community. 


In just 6 months, Clarins collaborated with 1,118 influencers and generated 1,369 reviews, which earned more than 4 million interactions. The strategy paid off with a continuous presence on social networks, constantly new content for both new and hero products, as well as consistent improvement on their campaign’s Key Performance Indicators: reach and engagement. 

The results in 6 months





Octoly share of Instagram posts


Octoly is key when it comes to regional outreach. It allows Clarins to be visible and desirable in all of our markets, thanks to Octoly’s incredible influencer base, the process is super easy and drives successful results.

Lucas Petry
PR & Influencer Projects Manager at Clarins

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