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Why and how to combine influencer marketing and live shopping?
Influencer Marketing

Why and how to combine influencer marketing and live shopping?

This content is outdated, we are currently working on updating it!

In the field of e-commerce, live shopping is a small revolution. This interactive teleshopping, which is broadcasted directly on the Internet, is a huge success. In China, where it appeared in the 2010s, 67% of consumers say they have already made a purchase via this channel (source: Alix Partners). In Europe, this marketing device is also gaining popularity: Kohl’s, Lancôme, Xiaomi and Tommy Hilfiger have all adopted it, most often with the help of one or more influencers. 

So why and how do you integrate live shopping into your brand’s influencer marketing strategy? Hivency by SKEEPERS takes a look at the question! 

What is live shopping? 

Entertaining and friendly, live shopping, or livestream shopping, is a kind of TV shopping 2.0. More precisely, it is an interactive commercial broadcast, live on a social network (TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), a marketplace (Amazon Live), or on the website of a brand or media partner, via an adapted tool (Quidol, Spoockee, Livescale or Yoursosho in Germany for example).  

Live shopping allows consumers to interact in real time with the speakers about the products presented. A live shopping event provides simultaneous access to : 

  • A video transmission, during which the products or services offered are presented; 
  • A chat, allowing the Internet users to exchange with the speakers and sometimes between them; 
  • Product sheets, thanks to which it is possible to buy the articles in real time.  

Live shopping involves personalities who are comfortable in front of the camera: salesperson, professional presenter, celebrity, influencer or consumer. Its content can be varied: tutorials, demonstrations, pro tips, user advice, but also contests or quizzes. Finally, a shopping livestream can be broadcasted from a variety of locations: store, production site, studio designed or even the residence of a content creator. 

Lancôme in Instagram Live with the influencers Jamie Yeo (107K followers) and Cheryl Wee (10K followers) : 


Live shopping: why is it an attractive tool? 

Live shopping is a formidable marketing tool. Indeed, it allows you to effectively achieve different business objectives:  

  • Increase the conversion rate. During its live shopping, the cosmetics brand Douglas would have recorded conversion rates of up to 40% (source: McKynsey).  

How to explain these figures? Live shopping simplifies the access to information. Consumers can see the products from every angle, understand how they work, consult technical data sheets and ask questions live. The icing on the cake, the presence of a trusted third party, such as an influencer or a consumer, helps Internet users, making it easier for them to make a purchase.  

  • Shorten the sales cycle. During a live shopping, different factors lead consumers to move quickly from the discovery of a product to its acquisition. These include: the group dynamic, the desire generated by an entertaining presentation, the many reassurance elements provided during the live event (tests, questions, advice…) or the highlighting of a limited-time promotional offer.  
  • Decrease the return rate. Live shopping makes it possible to make an informed purchase. Thanks to the chat, consumers can ask questions to determine if a product or service will suit their needs. Moreover, the presentation of the items allows the buyers to appropriate them more easily when they receive them. This avoids disappointments and returns.  
  • Reinforce its brand awareness. In Europe, live shopping is relatively rare. This type of operation therefore creates the event, and even more so when it involves influencers. The retailer Walmart declared that its number of TikTok subscribers increased by 25% following a live shopping event broadcast on the platform (source: TechCrunch).  
  • Building consumer loyalty. Live shopping allows brands to present a human face: that of their teams and/or that of an ambassador. Even better, the entertaining and interactive nature of live shopping makes it a moment of conviviality. This type of operation contributes to create a connection between the company and the Internet users. Repeated regularly, it can even become a real meeting point between a brand and its community.  


Live shopping with an influencer: 9 best practices 

As you can see, live shopping is an effective marketing tool that can be successfully implemented in your collaborations with influencers. But to take full advantage of this type of operation, you should observe some good practices: 

Choose the right influencer

Content creators are great partners for your shopping lives. Indeed, they give a good visibility to the operation, which they can promote to their community on social networks. An influencer who is comfortable in front of the camera and with the live show will moreover know how to give a rhythm to your show and interact naturally with the audience.  

Good to know: the consulting firm McKinsey predicts an increase in liveshopping in partnership with micro-influencers and nano-influencers. Accessible and authentic, these “niche” content creators indeed maintain a close relationship with their community. They enjoy particularly high engagement rates and good credibility, while costing less than their colleagues with many subscribers.   


Provide a test period

To be persuasive during a live shopping event, a content creator must have tried the product (or service) and know how to use it. This will allow him to express his honest opinion and share his tips with his followers. 


Offer an entertaining and informative concept

Different animations can be planned in order to keep the audience on the edge of their seats: apartment tour, make-up tutorial, trying on different looks, making a recipe, interviewing an expert (product manager, salesperson, engineer, make-up artist, etc.), quiz, question/answer, live music or video game sessions, etc. The possibilities are endless! Don’t hesitate to call on the creativity of your partner influencers.  


Share a discount code

The presence of a promotional offer is one of the main factors that lead Internet users to watch a live shopping (source: Alix Partners). To attract consumers, consider offering an advantageous promotional code, reserved for live viewers and limited in time. 


Organize a giveaway

Giveaway games encourage users to attend the live shopping event until it ends and create engagement around the operation. 


Recycle your live shopping

To take full advantage of your live shopping, consider reposting it on your social networks and/or website. Consumers will be able to watch it to discover your products or services. The show can also be cut into shorter clips that will be integrated into your product sheets in order to make them more persuasive.  


Repeat the operation

Live shopping can become a real meeting point between a brand and its community. This type of operation can be repeated on different occasions: launch of a new offer, highlight of the commercial year (sales, holiday season, Black Friday, etc.) or even highlighting a product that is losing popularity. 


Using the right tool

The main social networks now offer a live shopping feature. Some brands also choose to broadcast their live shopping on their own website or on a partner’s website (media for example). The best platform is the one on which your target is located, but also the one that offers options best suited to your needs (surveys, MCQs, data collection, etc.). 


Get started as soon as possible

Still not widely used by European companies, live shopping allows you to differentiate yourself from the competition. But for how long? It’s up to you to take advantage of this new tool as soon as possible to gain audience share! 


Combining influencer marketing and live shopping: conclusion  

Veritably in the air of time, live shopping is a marketing tool of choice for all brands, whatever their sector of activity. This type of operation fits particularly well into an influencer marketing strategy. Followed by many people, comfortable in front of the camera, used to interacting with their audience, influencers are indeed ideal for this type of program. Experts in creating engaging content, they can also help you design original show concepts.  

The key is to find influencers who are aligned with your brand. To do this, visit the Hivency by Skeepers influencer marketing platform! 


Credit: Sam McGhee (via Unsplash)