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How Decathlon got their customers to present their bikes in video
Consumer videos Humanize the Customer Journey

How Decathlon got their customers to present their bikes in video

Van Rysel is French sports giant Decathlon’s road bicycle brand.

Convinced that its customers are its best ambassadors, Decathlon is always looking for new ways to leverage user-generated videos and engage its customers in content creation. In this article we explain how the brand is turning to its community of cyclists to produce relatable videos that build trust.

Consumers leading from the front  

Decathlon was looking to boost the Van Ryself image in the market for road bikes aimed at competitive cyclists.

The brand felt that getting actual cyclists to share their experience and feedback in videos, from the perspective of customers who are really passionate about the sport, was the best way to demonstrate the quality of its products

The goal? Make their community of cycling enthusiasts the focus of its video content, to boost their reputation and add a human touch to their marketing.

A solution for automating user-generated video creation

Decathlon Van Rysel used the Skeepers user-generated video platform to really engage its customers in video content creation.

With this solution, the brand can:  

  • identify the best cyclist profiles 
  • walk them through the video creation process 
  • automatically optimize the videos for e-commerce 
  • instantly post the videos on product pages and social media 
  • analyze the impact of the videos on sales, traffic and SEO 

An engaged community of customers with a passion for cycling  

The retailer recruited its ambassadors from its customer base and from social media, where it has a highly engaged community.

After just a few emails sent out to its customer base, the brand received 620 applications from people keen to get in front of the camera!

The chosen video ambassadors then shared their experience with the brand’s latest road cycling products. After undergoing an automatic post-production process, the videos were instantly posted on the product pages of the Van Rysel online store and on social media. 

By leveraging user-generated videos, Decathlon Van Rysel has decentralized its content creation. The brand is automating video creation by its communities and putting its customers in the saddle.

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