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Fashion: influencer marketing, much more than product placement
Build a relationship of trust with customers Influencer Marketing

Fashion: influencer marketing, much more than product placement

The fashion sector has been particularly affected by the sanitary crisis we have living through. This very particular year of 2020 has forced influencers and brands to adapt and rethink their marketing strategy. A great number of fashion shows have been cancelled, and emblematic fashion brands have pulled back from Fashion Week for ethical reasons and with the intention of adhering to the slow fashion movement that has been gaining momentum in the field.

These times of crisis have provided a new, fresh approach to the digital world of fashion. We’ve been witness to digital events and even fashion collections presented through the form of video games. This digitalization makes it essential to have a strong brand presence on social media. Nowadays, product placement is no longer enough to stand out with influencer marketing. In this article, we’lle be focusing on other aspects of this tool, essential to the fashion industry

Influencers guarantee the image and notoriety of the brand

Product placement is particularly efficient for sales campaigns. However, notoriety campaigns have the objective of reinforcing the brand image. We’re talking about two very different kinds of campaigns, with entirely different, albeit complementary objectives. Thanks to influencers, you’ll have the opportunity of considerably increasing your social media notoriety. 

Are you a young fashion brand? Are you looking to modernize your image? Reposition yourself?

Use social media and influencers to make yourself known or rapidly communicate with your objective public.

Brands don’t only collaborate with influencers to increase their notoriety, but also to build and share an authentic brand image through the influencer’s content.

Improving a brand’s image is one of the main uses for influencer marketing. The brand’s community is gathered around the influencer, in such a way that when he values a brand, his followers follow suit.

To develop your brand image, the most important step is the choice of influencers. You have to collaborate with those that will transmit the exact right message, your same values and the same editorial line, to ensure they’ll be the best speakers possible on social media.

We know up until what point brands value their image, specially being a part of the fashion industry, which is why it’s essential to choose influencers you can guide through the content creation process and that can really do justice to the brand message and image.

For the most picky, those that really want to tend to their brand image, it’s also possible to co-create with influencers, an extremely creative and popular approach in the sector.

Influencer reviews

One of the current trends in e-commerce is consumer reviews. To increase their customers trust, brands must make the effort of presenting a consumer-centric offer. It’s a worthwhile strategy in terms of visibility, SEO positioning and conversion rate.


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In SKEEPERS we want to truly develop clients’ trust, and it is with this objective in mind that we’ve launched our ratings and reviews offer.

But opinions don’t concern exclusively consumers. Ever heard of influencer reviews? These last years, influencer marketing has had a true impact in our way of consuming. Between the most noticeable changes, we can point to influencer’s recommendations of products and services proposed by brands. 

This is currently of the main advantages of micro influencer marketing, both for brands and consumers. It’s become, without the shadow of a doubt, one of the most desired tools. Micro influencers share true and pertinent opinions about the products they promote. The opinions expressed by influencer’s will become true sales trampolines.

Influencers are very comfortable trying out new products and will share their qualitative opinion about your products gladly. These multimedia opinions will contextualize the recommendation, and increase considerably the trust the client has placed in your products. You’ll be able to easily integrate the influencer’s opinions in your product sheets to give them more credibility.

Generating influencer opinions is a unique opportunity to improve your products. Brands and influencer’s have the habit of working together, in such a way that nowadays, influencer are part of the conception process, as their opinions truly count.

Influencer marketing guarantees the best brand ambassadors

To go further in your relationship with influencers, turn them into brand ambassadors. A brand ambassador is someone that durably promotes your brand. It’s an ideal and passionate ally that talks positively about the brand on social media and through different forums, interacts with your publications, and regularly recommends your brand to other customers. 

Micro and nano influencers are ideal brand ambassadors. A faithful collaboration will allow you to efficiently communicate with your target audience. 

Consumers will trust more your ambassadors, as your relationship in the long term will be a proof of trust and credibility. The ambassador will get to know so much better your brand values and will know how to offer a qualitative experience to your clients.

Thanks to several contact points, the ambassador will accompany your audience all throughout the purchase process. The ambassador will even share tips and tricks about fashion and how to best combine and wear your pieces, a true added value for the customer.

As a true niche expert, the ambassador will want to aid the brand. Brands and ambassadors will be able to work together to finely tune the influencer strategy. Among our client brands, many solicit their influencers to carry out market studies through their communities, but also to co-create campaigns, packaging and even events.

Product placement is but one among many opportunities that influencer marketing offers, especially in the fashion world.