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First Aid Beauty

First Aid Beauty

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How First Aid Beauty Up-leveled their Content Strategy with Octoly’s Micro-Influencers 

Building Brand Awareness with First Aid Beauty

The Brand

First Aid Beauty is a skincare brand founded by Lilli Gordon with the intention of maximizing skin health through sensitive skin-friendly problem-solving products. The brand uses clean ingredients and has cultivated a cult-like following for products such as their Ultra Repair Cream, which provides long-term hydration for dry skin and even eczema.


First Aid Beauty approached Octoly with the main goal of “getting the products in the hands of influencers and getting them familiar with them,” says Hannah Ameen, Social Media and PR Coordinator for the brand. “Our number one goal will always be building awareness, but our second goal is content creation. How can we leverage these great creators to create beautiful content that we can repurpose across multiple channels?” Recognizing that TikTok is a place to reach Gen-Z consumers with fresh and engaging content, Octoly was First Aid’s TikTok content launch partner. However, the brand had only a small influencer team with limited time for outreach.

The Solution

During the past six months, First Aid Beauty has ramped up its social media content with the help of Octoly, says Nicole Saylor, the brand’s Manager of Influencer Marketing. Previously doing 25 campaigns a year, they’re currently working at 100-250 campaigns per year.  “Content has been a huge push for us and having Octoly in those moments has been an incredible tool,” she says. First Aid Beauty often uses Octoly to connect with micro and macro-influencers alongside their larger campaign marketing. 

First Aid Beauty focused on utilizing Octoly to connect the brand with high-quality influencers with the goal of reusing the content as organic social, something they say will be used across the paid and e-commerce team down the line also. Octoly has provided the opportunity to gather user-generated content away from a professional studio. With a small team, First Aid Beauty had previously shipped influencer packages in-house and now trusts Octoly to handle the shipments in order to reach a larger audience and meet their goal of increasing awareness.


First Aid Beauty’s TikTok campaign led to increased awareness of the brand’s core products and new, first-class launches. By leveraging Octoly’s influencer community of beauty content creators & skincare junkies, First Aid Beauty saw a noticeable uplift in follower count on their brand’s social handle on TikTok. 

First Aid Beauty’s campaign push, with the help of Octoly, has the brand trending upwards and into other markets worldwide. Saylor says this is something they couldn’t have done without Octoly. “We feel like this is a huge lever that we can pull at any time and we can trust,” she says. “It feels like part of the fabric of First Aid Beauty in general and the content creation has been incredible.” 

The brand has used Octoly to build new relationships with influencers, and create beautiful content but also feel like they’re just at the “tip of the iceberg” with what they plan to do with Octoly. “Our larger team has seen the power of this tool and, with more capacity with shipping, we’re excited to explore more untapped power of Octoly that we haven’t got a chance to play with yet,” says Saylor. 

The results in 1 year

Influencer  Posts








“Octoly feels like part of our bread and butter now. Content has been a huge push for us and having Octoly in those moments has been an incredible tool. I can’t imagine launching a product without Octoly.”

Nicole Saylor, Manager, Influencer Marketing

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