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How to identify the right influencers for your campaign?

How to identify the right influencers for your campaign?

This content is outdated, we are currently working on updating it!

Finding the right influencers to collaborate with is really important for any brand that wishes to launch influencer marketing campaigns. It’s vital to create an authentic and efficient relationship with them. Hivencty, the influence platform, gives you 3 tips to find the most pertinent content creators for your brand’s campaigns. 

Collect as much data as possible to identify your target audience

Understanding and listening to your target audience is the most important step to finding the right influencer. Social media is ideal for this goal: it allows access to plenty of data that will allow you, when correctly analysed, to identify your consumers, listen to them, create a persona and segment them according to different criteria. 

Identifying a profile and segmenting your clients are two unavoidable steps for the brands that want to better understand the buyer’s journey. What’s the buyer’s journey? It’s the different steps a client goes through, from identifying your brand to the act of purchase. Having identified and analysed all this process, your brand will be ideally placed to engage potential clients. It will also allow you to improve your customer experience

Having arrived at this stage it’s time to ask ourselves about the “right influencer”. Thus far, you’ve taken the time to determine the criteria that will make a pertinent brand ambassador out of him, and so you can start interacting with those most suitable to your needs. Moreover, with the collected data, now’s the time to innovate and differentiate yourself from the competence. 

Define your objectives

Do you want to increase your brand’s notoriety? Are you looking to create a long term impact? Do you wish to increase your sales? Attract younger potential clients or increase the traffic to your website?

It’s fundamental to ask oneself these questions so we can clearly define what you’re looking for and achieve it via an influencer marketing strategy. Whatever the main goal may be, integrating influencers will be a winning strategy

Once the objectives have been defined, you can determine the kind of influencer you want to work with: all stars, macro influencers, micro influencers, nano influencers… Then, the number of influencers you want to activate, the social media where you want to create the influencer marketing campaigns and their duration. Simply put, if your objectives are clear, so will your strategy. 

Favour pertinence more than reach

The reach is a statistical indicator to measure the impact of your campaigns. It reflects the number of users that a publication has reached. 

The majority of enterprises that engage for the first time in a influencer marketing strategy have a tendency to make the same mistake: thinking that the all star influencers, that amass a couple million followers, will forcibly be the best ambassadors for their brand, or in any case, those that will better maximise the ROI. 

However, even if it’s true that all star influencers have an obviously larger reach, working with them isn’t necessarily ideal for every brand. The brand’s target audience must correspond to the influencer’s community

Nowadays, consumers are looking for authenticity and they want to be able to trust content creators. That’s why micro and nano influencers are increasingly appreciated. These two kinds of influencers are closer to their followers. For brands, this will allow them to directly touch their target audience as well as construct long-term relationships with the influencers, who will eventually become true brand advocates