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How to optimize SEO with influencer marketing?
Influencer Marketing

How to optimize SEO with influencer marketing?

This content is outdated, we are currently working on updating it!

Having a good SEO is essential for any company that wants to be visible on the Internet and boost its e-commerce. To be well referenced on Google, the content must be optimised so that it is favoured by its algorithm.

If your objective is to optimise your SEO, there is one type of influencer ideally placed to help you in this process: bloggers.

It is true that recently, a common misconception has been spreading: the blogging profession is dead and so is the written content that no longer interests Internet users… However, blogs continue to amass views and many micro and macro influencers continue to publish articles. We will explain how you can partner with blog influencers to optimise your branding and SEO strategy.

Adapt to the blog channel and be creative!

There are plenty of influencers who have built their success thanks to their blogs! Ten years ago, the first influencers on social networks were all bloggers.

This is for example the case of @chrissellelim, a content creator with 1 M followers on Instagram today. She publishes fashion and beauty content on her blog and has managed to increase her audience before migrating to Instagram and YouTube. Nowadays, her blog is still active, and she even has an editorial team!

Following the triumph of influencer marketing on social networks, brands have become accustomed to the social network format and do not always know how to go about when it comes to collaborating on a different channel. The social network strategy (providing a product in exchange for a dedicated post in the form of an image or video) does not work the same way on blogs. However, the blog channel is very powerful for a brand that wants to give detailed information about its products or services.

Indeed, on a blog, a simple photo is not enough. Yet this inability to adapt may well be the reason why your blog influence campaign fails. It’s a shame… If these campaigns are successful, they bring plenty of benefits to brands. Here are a few tips to help you plan your campaigns with bloggers:

  • Regardless of the type of influencer, trust is the key in influencer marketing!
    If you don’t have a clear idea from the start of the content you want to achieve, it’s best to ask bloggers what they have in mind for your brand. They will know how to shoot the content, write the article for their blog and the strategy to follow to attract their audience.
  • Don’t be afraid to create personalized influencer campaigns!
    On social networks such as Instagram or TikTok, what works best is volume: several micro-influencers creating similar content at the same time. However, when it comes to blogging, it’s a different story. Blog readers dedicate more time to this content and therefore want to have quality and unique content. Don’t try to deploy a similar and simple strategy on a multitude of blogs at the same time: instead, take 2 or 3 and create quality content in collaboration with the bloggers.
  • Feel free to highlight the content on your own communication channels!
    As with UGC (User Generated Content), content created by bloggers can be reused for the brands’ digital channels. You can even contemplate a double collaboration: the blogger could shoot one content for his blog and another one for yours.

Our last tip is perhaps the most important one: don’t hesitate to ask for help! If these types of campaigns are beyond your expertise, the best thing to do is to lean on a influencer platform that will put experts at your service to help you with your objectives and the implementation of your campaigns.

How do these influencer campaigns affect my SEO?

Influencer marketing campaigns can boost your SEO thanks to netlinking. Netlinking involves the multiplication of links that redirect to or talk about your website. By having more sites that talk about you on Google, its search engine will favour your site. Indeed, Google considers this proliferation of links as a guarantee of your expertise and quality. To ensure that your collaborations will have a netlinking effect, you should not forget :

  • Ask the bloggers you collaborate with to put links to your website. 2 links per article is sufficient. Be original at this stage too! Give links to your most interesting content, to your own events or articles…, not only to your home page!
  • Share your keywords with the blogger. If his article has a good SEO it will have a direct impact on your site. His article will appear during the searches of your target audience.
  • Don’t forget to insert your company name several times throughout the article! Even if it is not a direct link to you, it is also taken into account by search engines. The number of content in which you appear mentioned will increase.

Content creation is challenging, but adaptable and achievable for all industries. Creating SEO optimised content can be, too. Collaborations with bloggers can help you achieve these goals and at the same time, you will gain knowledge by working with these experts.

Preview of an excerpt of an article from the blog of Chrisselle Lim - Hivency Blog

Preview of an excerpt of an article from the blog of Chrisselle Lim. 

The most important thing to remember is that each influencer marketing channel serves to conquer a specific goal. After a careful assessment of your needs and objectives, it’s time to choose the format and the content creators best placed to achieve them. Above all, never reject a channel (such as blogs) simply because it is not “trendy“. Good work always produces results.