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4 Simple Ideas to Quickly Satisfy your Customers

4 Simple Ideas to Quickly Satisfy your Customers

4 Simple Ideas to Quickly Satisfy your Customers

23 July 2021

4 Simple Ideas to Quickly Satisfy your Customers

23 July 2021

Customer satisfaction is key to keeping your customers. It is also a highly cost-effective investment because retaining a customer is 25 times cheaper than acquiring a new one. But how can you satisfy customers? 

In this article, we’ll take a look at a few techniques and tips to satisfy your customers without transforming your entire organisation.

1 — Get to Know Your Customers to Better Satisfy Them

Your customers will be more satisfied if you offer services or products that they like or want. Finding out more about your customers is therefore the key to generating satisfied customers. If you know your customers well, you can serve them better. Your CRM, as well as your ability to enrich it with easy to analyse and activate customer data, is therefore an essential prerequisite for measuring customer satisfaction.   

There are several ways to get to know your customers better. A particularly efficient technique involves asking your customers questions directly via smart surveys. After all, the best way to get to know your customers better is to ask them questions!

2 — Provide Personalised Customer Service and Increase Satisfaction

Customers like to be treated like human beings. Who enjoys receiving emails that have been sent to thousands of others? One way to humanise your customer relationship is to add some personal touches.

But it’s easier to personalise the way you address your customers if you already know them. Once more, customer knowledge is key. Take the previous example of a marketing email. You can only personalise it if you already have certain information, such as the recipient’s first and last name.Personalisation should feed into your entire customer relationship. It should become your philosophy. A good quality customer service, that handles all requests and takes into account all their specificities, contributes greatly to customer satisfaction.

For example, if you’re an online retailer, adding an instant messaging service to your online store is a real plus. Unlike emails or traditional contact forms, instant messaging provides a real opportunity to stand out and to add a human touch to your customer relationship.

3 — Step into the Customer’s Shoes and Show Empathy

It doesn’t matter if you’re head of marketing or a customer relations manager… you’re a customer, too. We all have a customer experience. It is therefore quite easy to step into the customer’s shoes when thinking about how to better satisfy them. Think about your own experience as a customer… You’ll probably learn a lot!

Of course, you can’t read your customers’ minds. Which is why customer knowledge tools are so important. Stepping into your own customers’ shoes is the best way to empathise with them and to make the right decisions.

More generally, this attitude that consists in always putting the customer first, placing them at the centre of all decisions, has already proved its worth. It is known as a customer-centric approach and is key to customer satisfaction.

4 — Adopt Flexible Management Techniques that Directly Impact Customer Satisfaction

Personalising the customer relationship implies a certain closeness between your customers and those in direct contact with them. For example, employees in sales positions and customer services.

It is important to give your employees a certain amount of autonomy, so that they can serve customers in the best possible way and answer their requests as quickly as possible. If a salesperson has to constantly refer to their upper management before answering customer requests, the customer relationship is likely to be less responsive and therefore of lower quality. This will inevitably have an impact on customer satisfaction.

Employees in direct contact with customers can also teach you things about your clientele. It is very important to involve these employees in any customer satisfaction though processes.

Transforming your customers into satisfied customers is good. Transforming dissatisfied customers into loyal promoters of your brand is even better! Does this sound like an impossible challenge? Think again and find out how to turn an at-risk customer into an ambassador

Here are 4 ways to quickly increase customer satisfaction:

  1. Improve your customer knowledge to meet their needs
  2. Provide quality and personalised customer service
  3. Step into the customer’s shoes and show empathy
  4. Adopt a customer-centric management in which employees are autonomous and focused on the customer