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How influencer platforms can help you successfully launch a campaign
Influencer Marketing

How influencer platforms can help you successfully launch a campaign

This content is outdated, we are currently working on updating it!

Influencer platforms can be a precious aid when setting out to do influencer marketing campaigns for a variety of reasons: they help you save time, act as trustworthy influencer managers, help you set your objectives and set in motion the different actions to achieve them… Today, we’re going to give you some tips on how you can take your influencer marketing strategy one step further thanks to  influencer platforms. Hear us out.

Incorporate influencer marketing to you 360 marketing strategy.

So you already have “traditional” marketing actions in place and have launched a few influencer marketing campaigns. These two techniques work as great allies, but it’s also possible to launch communications by bringing together both. For instance, taking your micro influencers out of their social media environment and making them participate in your different marketing strategies and plans. 

Moreover, with an influencer platform such as Hivency by your side, you’ll benefit from machine learning technology that will help you determine the right influencers for each of your desired actions and operations. Here’s a list of actions you can launch: 

  • Incorporate content creators on your paid media campaigns by combining digital and physical marketing actions. It’s the ideal time to launch non-conventional actions in order to stand out. This is very useful when you want to make sure your brand is being spoken of on social media.
  • Organize actions that generate engagement, so that you can drive customer’s to your store (online or physical) through influencers. For example, organize giveaways, invite your influencers to different events, etc. 
  • Invite your content creators to events, especially product launches. Organize a unique moment for the influencers to discover the collection or product before anyone else. Influencer platforms will help you find the perfect event that adheres to your strategy and will spark the interest of influencers
  • Take advantage of the platform to survey the micro influencers you work with and to ask them to carry out surveys for you in their own social media profiles. 
  • With an influencer platform, you can communicate with a specific community through social media, and launch unique actions according to this community. Our artificial intelligence tools will help match you with your ideal influencers, the ones that share your ethics, brand values, aesthetics…


With an influencer platform, you’ll have access to an image bank

The one thing that sets influencers apart and makes them what they are is the quality of their content. Wouldn’t it be ideal if you could use it for your very own marketing supports? Micro influence is so much more than just a beautiful image posted on social media. With Hivency, you can track the content generated by your influencers and have access through our bank image to the most performative contents, so you can reuse them in the rest of your marketing channels. Discover this unique offer here.  

 Photo credit: Hivency

Influencer platforms can tell true influencers from fake ones

Influencer platforms can help you find the right influencers for your brand and also identify the fake profiles that could threaten the image of your brand. By this, we mean the profiles that buy fake followers, fake comments, fake likes, etc. 

This means your influencer strategy will be cemented on solid, trustworthy profiles that will lift the image of your brand and generate true results for your enterprise. It also allows you to gain experience and learn how to pay attention to detail when you yourself set out to look for influencers. What’s more, when launching a particular campaign, an influencer platform will help you source, find and match influencers for your brand.

Influencer platforms lend you their experience and expertise

The experts working for the influencer platform will advise you and accompany you during your influencer marketing campaigns. This will allow you to become more knowledgeable in the sector as well as develop new competences. 

An influencer platform is so much more than a tool to launch partnerships, it’s also a personalized platform that will help you develop your strategy and optimize your campaigns year long!