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Infographics: the influencer pyramid
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Infographics: the influencer pyramid

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For many years, celebrities were thought of as the only influencers. Nowadays, we can easily count four different types of influencers: the all-stars (celebrities), the macro influencers, the micro influencers and the nano influencers

Discover who they are through our infographic, what sets them appart and what each of their strengths are


Influence marketing pyramid@2x

© Infographie Hivency

Number of followers

All stars are celebrities that amass thousands and sometimes millions of followers thanks to their talent. Celebrities typically make up the list of best paid influencers of the year. In 2021, the highest paid influencers on Instagram are Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson in first place and Kylie Jenner in second. 


Next on the ladder we’ve got macro influencers. These profiles have more than 100k followers, and can sometimes have even as many or more than some celebrities. The thing that sets celebrities and macro influencers apart? Macro influencers make their living off of social media and have steadily built their community on social media from the ground up. Celebrities have careers built in different sector, which earn them a following throughout social media platforms. 


Micro influencers are very qualitative profiles that have less than 100K followers. They’re very engaged with their audience and typically create content around a very specific niche. 


Finally, nano influencers are profiles with 5000 followers or less. They have a very close-knit community, and their relationship with their followers most resembles a friendship.



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