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Why You Should Integrate Skeepers with Zendesk Now

Why You Should Integrate Skeepers with Zendesk Now

Zendesk is a customer service based CRM that companies love because it is easy to use, effective at organizing massive amounts of customer data, and very easy to integrate with other apps. Zendesk helps companies treat every customer like a close friend, even if it is a huge company with millions of customers like Slack or Uber.

The key is creating an detailed customer profile of every customer that tracks interactions at all touchpoints. This way, you are always up to date on what your customers are up to, how they are feeling, and what they need.

Adding to the list of benefits of Zendesk is that you can now easily integrate Skeepers into the CRM. If you are a Zendesk user, taking a few minutes to integrate Skeepers will make your life easier and you customers happier.

Here are a few reasons why Skeepers and Zendesk are such great partners in crime:

  • They both are OBSESSED with customer knowledge
  • They both put your customers first
  • They both make knowing your customers easier
  • They both focus on making easy to understand, user-friendly software
  • They both get you set-up to communicate with your customers across all channels

Because Zendesk and Skeepers share so many of the same values, it was important to us that we made our two products easy to integrate and use in tandem. Skeepers will help you harness the power of Zendesk to deliver top of the line customer service that is based first and foremost on the most accurate, relevant, and up-to-date customer knowledge.

How Skeepers Integrates Into Zendesk

Skeepers is a software that creates and sends out smart surveys that get you asking the right customers the right questions at the right time. Skeepers’ mission is to get every company operating at it’s full potential by guiding them through the process of gathering customer insights that will make or break your business. With the Zendesk integration, these smart survey responses get instantly, automatically sent to your Zendesk CRM so that your contacts stay up to date with the newest smart survey information.

Check it out:

Let’s say you are a company that creates home decor products including lamps. After a great quarter of sales, you decide to start sending out a customer feedback survey where you ask your customers how satisfied they are with a recent purchase the day after they purchase it. One of your customers responds with a low score, explaining that the product does not work correctly. With the Skeepers/Zendesk integration, this response gets instantly sent to your Zendesk CRM so that your customer service team is notified and can instantly address the problem on the communication channel that your customer prefers.

Imagine how it would feel to have your concern answered quickly, efficiently, and conveniently minutes after filling out a survey. Sounds like a return customer in the making.

Integrating is easy. All you need to do is create your Skeepers account (if you haven’t already), then login to your Skeepers account, go to Settings, then select App Integrations -> Zendesk. Once there, you can create your subdomain and connect your account.

The next step is to create your mapping. Mapping is basically how exactly you want Skeepers to integrate into Zendesk’s system. This is when you get to decide what information you want to go where, and when you want it to sync. If you want satisfaction survey results to go instantly into a customer’s profile, mapping allows you to set this up so that everything falls into place automatically.

Once you’ve completed the mapping process, you are good to go! Your Zendesk dashboard will be updated constantly with Skeepers’ Smart Survey insights, and you can rest assured that you are dealing with the most up to date information on your customers.

The Takeaway

If you’re already using Zendesk, you know how important it is to keep your customers wants and needs top of mind. However, market research can only do so much to ensure that you know what your customers actually want. If you are filling your Zendesk CRM with simple guesswork on your customers, instead of collecting factual data that comes right from the source, then all of the CRM organization in the world will not help you.

Surveys are the bridge between investing in a CRM like Zendesk and actually having it full of the right information. While gathering information on your customers at natural points of contacts is useful (like phone calls or face to face interactions) it simply doesn’t help you gather the information you need to really ensure customer satisfaction. Skeepers helps you make the most of your Zendesk system and help you fill it to the brim with customer knowledge.

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