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How to keep your Instagram followers over time?
Influencer Marketing

How to keep your Instagram followers over time?

This content is outdated, we are currently working on updating it!

Posting photos on social networks is not enough to stand out. In order to maintain your followers after an influencer campaign and maintain a good engagement rate, you need to know how to optimize your Instagram use. It is a complicated thing when so many settings and Instagram new features come into play every month on social media. You have to be fully connected to understand all the details. Here are some tips that can help you keep the followers gained after an influencer campaign.

The importance of a good content strategy 

Influence strategies are important, how to support them to optimize results?

A micro and nano-influence strategy can help bring followers to your Instagram account through visibility. Content creators can also improve engagement, especially through giveaways, unboxing stories, updates on the long term, or even reels, IGTV…

Instagram will soon propose new tools to help the remuneration of influencers: 

  • A creator shop, which allows all influencers to highlight the products they like or their own products. This feature will allow you to highlight your products, which will increase the visibility of your brand and your Instagram account.
  • An affiliate system so that influencers get paid when a user makes a purchase from their post through Instagram. Again, this feature is beneficial for you, as influencers will want to be more transparent and show their collaborations to take advantage of the affiliate system, which will bring you visibility
  • A marketplace for influencers and brands to exchange, encouraging the monetization of micro-influencers. This marketplace will encourage and facilitate collaborations.

However, this is not the only implementation of a micro-influence strategy that will ensure a number of followers or a good engagement rate. Once the community of an influencer is subscribed to your account, it is necessary to animate the Instagram account in order to strengthen the links with your community. But how do you make your followers feel like they belong?  You have to put in place a good content strategy. 

What makes a good strategy

Provide engaging content

For this, it is important to provide engaging content. In addition to being interesting for your followers, it also helps to attract other Instagram users. To create engaging content, you can add a call to action to your post descriptions, set up story quizzes, and ask your community for feedback. The point is to include them in your content and make them feel involved.  It is this sense of belonging that will give you a faithful community. 

In order to encourage them to continue following you, you can also use the effect of the teasing, by giving previews to your community. This will make Internet users feel special and important to your brand. In addition, everyone’s a little curious, satisfying this curiosity is always interesting: vlogs, backstages, progress on projects…

The influencer and creator of the French lingerie brand Je ne sais quoi, @mybetterself often uses her personal account to talk about the progress of her brand’s projects and ask her followers for their opinions: the ideas for the next collections, the color choice… She also shares the sketches already made and production details. Through all these stories, a bond is created and the followers of his brand feel involved in the creation and development of his products.

One of the latest examples to date: @mybetterself highlighted listening to their community by adding sizes to their collection. She then shared the good news on an Instagram post. All these details make followers feel listened to and develop their sense of belonging.

Plan your content

The easiest way is to create an editorial content schedule in order to maintain a regular pace of publication and an editorial strategy coherent as well as a harmonious feed. More tidy, organized, and preventing oversights, the posting schedule is your savior. 

Based on the ongoing influencer marketing campaigns, you can create a publication, stories, reels, filters, guides, IGTV, live strategy. The number of features offered by Instagram is huge, you can create your own strategy based on current campaigns. This allows you to convert followers and ensure that your account’s followers and engagement rate are maintained.

The importance of diversifying your posts

There may be recurring content in the publication schedule, as we saw on #followfriday (on Twitter and Instagram, this hashtag was very popular for several years. The goal was to make a  public shout-out to one or more accounts in order to recommend it to its community). However, you have to bring novelty and various content to your community, so there is no boring routine. Why not innovate? Brainstorming can help come up with new ideas and diversify the content. This brainstorming can take shape via stories with your community or via lives. You can also invite your brand ambassadors to come to your office to participate. This touch of originality can make your community react.

Respond to hot news

A posting schedule may not be fixed. Hot news can replace a post that has been scheduled for weeks. You have to be able to react quickly, adapt, and offer content that is more in line with current trends. Constant observation of social networks and the news allows an interesting reactivity. 

Engagement: pillar of a good content strategy

In my opinion, the most important thing for a good content strategy on Instagram and more particularly at Hivency, is to create engagement. Creating engagement on Instagram is on the one hand valued on the platform, on the other hand it allows creating proximity with its community. It is important that the community feels listened to and heard. Thanks to social networks, it is easy to create a real proximity with your audience by responding to their messages, interacting with the content (commenting, liking, sharing, etc.), speaking in a story or showing the behind the scenes of the company. It shows the interest you have in your audience while being a brand.”

emmasauval_circle-croppedEmma Sauval – Community Lead France Hivency


To summarize, in order to maintain followers and engagement, you need: 

  • A micro-influence strategy that will bring visibility
  • An engaging and attractive content that will motivate followers to continue to follow your account
  • A publication schedule to stay constant and organized
  • A diverse content based on current events and trends 

You know that an Instagram account takes a lot of time and work, and even if creativity helps in developing an account, it’s not everything. You have to be able to discover your community, understand it, and become familiar with it in order to establish a real relationship of trust and proximity.

Crédits photo : Nathana Rebouças via Unsplash