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Lead Generation: TikTok evolves to capture brands’ attention
Influencer Marketing

Lead Generation: TikTok evolves to capture brands’ attention

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TikTok is the killer app of 2021. Rise in popularity during 2020, the social network has now become a must-have for Internet users, brands, and influencers in equal measure.

The network, with worldwide offices and excellent creative teams (who think of challenges, sounds, and different formats to keep its users engaged) is constantly thinking of new ways to attract brands’ attention. One of their latest revelations: a lead capture tool.

Fluent interactions between brands and prospects

This new TikTok tool allows brands to quickly and easily share details about their products and services. The objective? To facilitate the conversion of subscribers or users of the app into customers!

How does it work?

Users can fill in a form when they are interested in a product. It shows their sincere interest in the brand as well as its offer and allows the company to continue to send them, for example, relevant information by email.

TikTok GIF Generation Leads tool

GIF credits : TikTok

This new TikTok lead generation tool also allows creating personalized messages for several customer segments. These leads can be downloaded manually or integrated into the company’s CRM automatically. For companies on the platform, these forms are essential, as they help to communicate with their prospects respectfully.

By filling in the form, users are notified that TikTok is providing their information to advertisers: in this way, everything is done with the knowledge and permission of the potential customers.

How can brands fully benefit?

With this lead generation tool already tested in Spain by the brand Nina Ricci, TikTok is facilitating the conversion of the network audience into consumers for the advertising brands. To take advantage of this, a smart strategy is to launch influencer campaigns on the network.

Many brands are still reluctant to join TikTok, and yet the network has proven its power of prescription among consumers. In addition to regularly releasing new features, TikTok has already shown that by collaborating with the influencers of the social network, brands will be able to attract their attention, capture their interest and then use the lead generation tool of TikTok to turn them into consumers. 

Influencer campaigns generate much more trust among consumers than traditional advertising campaigns. It happens because consumers choose to follow content creators who share their values, experiences and interests. When these creators share a product they love, consumers are more inclined to trust their opinions for these reasons.

The case of Nina Ricci

In Spain, luxury perfume brand Nina Ricci created an unboxing campaign for their latest fragrance with an influencer to test this new feature. In the video, a Call To Action was included that allowed users to fill in the form proposed by TikTok and in this way get a sample of the perfume. During the first 24 hours of the TikTok campaign, the brand noticed an impressive conversion rate of 41.85%, and a cost per lead 85% lower than campaigns conducted out of the network. (source: TikTok)

A functionality to follow!

Article source: Marketing4ecommerce ecommercenews

 Photo credit: Olivier Bergeron via Unsplash