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When the M.A.C Cosmetics makeup artists share their tips on video
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When the M.A.C Cosmetics makeup artists share their tips on video

M·A·C is a top player in the global makeup industry thanks to unrivalled know-how in makeup artistry. 

A member of the Estée Lauder group since 1994, M·A·C is sold in over 90 countries and launches around 50 collections each year.

The brand wanted to allow its makeup artists to give pro tips on video to enrich its product sheets. Find out how it did this with the help of their community of makeup artists :

Give pro tips on video

M·A·C Cosmetics wanted to take its makeup artists from behind the scenes to in front of the camera where they could share their expert advice for using the brand’s products.

The goal was to provide rich and engaging content for the M·A·C product pages by showing clear and simple tips and hacks for using the products, and to teach its customers prolevel makeup skills.

By making it easy to use M·A·C products and presenting authentic how-to videos made by its teams of professional makeup artists, the brand wanted to inspire viewers and eliminate barriers to sales.

A solution for automating video creation with their teams

M·A·C Cosmetics has adopted SKEEPERS UGV to simplify the video creation process for its customers.

With this solution the brand can:

  • identify the best makeup artists profiles 
  • walk their teams through the video creation process 
  • automatically optimize the videos for e-commerce 
  • instantly post them on product pages and social media 
  • analyze the impact of the videos on conversion rates and sales 

A community of passionate makeup artists

The community of makeup artists experts could then easily share their beauty tips with the brand products on video

After approval, the videos are automatically posted on the product pages of M·A·C Cosmetics online shops and to social media. 

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