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The Predictive Marketing Activation platform: AI at the core of your marketing ecosystem
Customer Data Activation

The Predictive Marketing Activation platform: AI at the core of your marketing ecosystem

More than just a Customer Data Platform (CDP), the Predictive Marketing Activation platform reconciles and enriches your online and offline data to transform it into customer knowledge that can be immediately acted upon within individualized and omnichannel, value-generating campaigns. 

1. Reconcile Data

Similar to a CDP, the Predictive Marketing Activation platform is able to reconcile offline and online data around a single, multi-channel customer ID:  

  • The cold data is derived from CRM: customer data, RCU, product data, transactions, points of sale…
  • Hot data is generated by individuals’ web browsing: behavioral data, site browsing, mobile applications, geolocation, IOT data, social networks…
  • External data are provided by external organizations or partners: Socio-demographic data (IRIS), Weather, CRM Onboarding, 3rd Party data, etc.

2. Improve customer knowledge and automate intelligent marketing scenarios that leverage A.I.

Thanks to the AI and predictive models integrated into the platform, Predictive Marketing Activation goes far beyond the capabilities of a CDP by allowing the marketer to build a true customer DNA, which can be easily and immediately actuated both to build the most relevant strategy and to launch the most profitable individualized campaigns.

This knowledge allows the marketer to automate the activation of personalized marketing scenarios by capitalizing on more than 50 predictive models that identify the highest value audiences and the products most likely to appeal to each individual.

3. Activate individualized campaigns on all channels

The scenarios are activated in one click and are automatically executed by the business tools used by the teams for direct marketing campaigns (marketing automation, email personalization, SMS or on site, push notification, call center), or sent to external solutions for media campaigns (DMP, Facebook, Google Adwords, Display, DCO, programmatic, retargeting).

The results of the campaigns are directly visible on the platform. By setting up control groups, the value increment of each activation is clearly measured. For analysis of channel allocation and channel contribution to sales, the results can be automatically forwarded to an external analysis tool.

Click here to discover how the Predictive Marketing Activation platform puts AI to work for marketers, at the core of your business ecosystem.