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New-in: TikTok is now available on the Hivency platform
Influencer Marketing

New-in: TikTok is now available on the Hivency platform

This content is outdated, we are currently working on updating it!

From now on, the Hivency influencer platform provides TikTok, the red-hot social network among young people for brands’ use, several months after testing it. 

TikTok on Hivency: a complete offer dedicated for brands working on SaaS platform

Brands could collaborate with influencers on YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and on the blog channel so far. From now on,  the social network TikTok is added to this list, which allows Hivency to provide a better solution and meet its users’ expectations.

Joel Gaudeul_CMO Hivency (1)“Since the beginning of the app in France, we have assisted several brands that use TikTok to optimize their influence strategy and carry out their campaigns on the app, in addition to the ones executed on Instagram or YouTube. By launching campaigns on TikTok, all of our clients will be able to identify the right influencers, to discover their content and real-time results, and generate quality UGC for their brand, following the example of previous collaborations created on other provided social networks.”, Joël Gaudeul said, CRO Hivency.

TikTok: the invincible social network is seducing even more brands

As the best social network to catch the attention of young audience such as millennials or Gen-Z consumers, the majority of internet users in France who use TikTok are aged from 13 to 17 (38%) and from 18 to 24, according to Statista. TikTok provides other advantages to the brands as part of influencer marketing strategy, such as:


  • Multiple possibilities of messages to spread through a video format: internal communication, external, employer brand, sales or fame…;
  • Creative content through entertaining videos realized thanks to content creators (challenges, lives, hauls…);
  • The creation of a new trend to go viral or the possibility to ride the wave of an existing trend;



  • The increase of sales through this performing channel;
  • The creation of video ads;



  • A bond of closeness and a strong engagement with communities of consumers via influencers;



  • Innovation to stand out from competitors.

One year ago, the growth of TikTok was arousing brands’ interest, but they remained careful regarding the evolution of the platform and its audience. However, nowadays, TikTok has proven its worth as a platform that means to stay in the leading social media landscape. 

Photo credit: Hivency.