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How did TikTok transform the food industry?

How did TikTok transform the food industry?

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The phenomenon app TikTok, which allows users to share short music videos, has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years, as a third of the world is confined due to COVID-19, the network has propelled its number of users in search of new pursuits and inspiration. Today, 48% of American people aged between 18 to 29 years old use TikTok (source: Hootsuite).

TikTok has become one of the main communication levers for all brands in all sectors, especially in the food sector, because everyone has started cooking and sharing their meals, whether they are influencers or cooking enthusiasts. If you haven’t seen the recipe of pasta, tomatoes and feta that made the buzz on TikTok, you’re probably living in a cave! 

Why should food brands get on TikTok?

This network allows food brands to be endlessly creative! Are you a food brand thinking about getting into influencer marketing on TikTok? Here are our 6 content ideas.

6 content ideas on TikTok

#1 – Share some recipes

This format is very much appreciated by Internet users, as it allows recipes to be shared in 30 seconds, which gives an impression of ease in the realization of gourmet and above all very original recipes. For instance, the #easyrecipes cumulates over 3.6 billion views ! If you are a restaurant chain, don’t hesitate to share exclusive tips from your recipes. 


#2 – Organize a TikTok challenge around your brand

The app is above all an entertainment network. Forget about smooth and perfect content and opt for fun content. Don’t hesitate to create a buzz around a challenge. For example, make a “trompe-l’oeil” meal or bake with salty ingredients.


#3 – Reward your customers

If you want your challenge to go viral, invite your customers to participate in challenges and post videos with your brand’s own hashtag or following a trend. Here are a few examples of Hashtags that have made the buzz this past year:

  • #mydalgonacoffee;
  • #pancakescereal;
  • #fetapasta, etc.

You can also organize a contest to reward them; the prize must be attractive to make Internet users and TikTokers want to participate! 


#4 – Create a theme according to the highlights of the year

The year is punctuated by special events (Candlemas, Taste Week, Easter, etc.), so don’t hesitate to take advantage of these moments to create buzz around your brand by creating inspiring content: sharing food tips and recipes according to the seasons, presenting your products/your seasonal menu. For the launch of its new chocolate mousse recipe, the Michel et Augustin brand organized an event in its new premises for an exclusive pastry class! 

#5 – Target nano and micro-influencers from the Gen-Z

40% of daily TikTok users are in the 15-24 age group, according to Digimind. For instance, nano-influencers are the most relevant to talk about your brand, and the brand “c’est mon donuts” has understood this very well. Thanks to TikTok, the brand has become incredibly famous thanks to thousands of videos shared on this network. As a result, hundreds of people queued for hours to taste the famous donut’s they saw on TikTok. 


#6 – Behind the scenes!

As the network of humour and authenticity, you should share your behind-the-scenes stories in a fun and entertaining way so that consumers will connect with your brand. 


Food brands making the buzz on TikTok

ChefClub – 37.9M likes

An inspiring food account, which offers recipes and daily challenges on the TikTok platform. They also surf on the different trends of the moment to renew themselves as recently by proposing one of the challenges of the unmissable Netflix series of the moment, Squid Game.


Qui passera l’épreuve du gâteau #squidgame ? #pourtoi #fyp #food

♬ son original – Chefclub


<H3> Chipotle – 33.3M likes

This American fast food chain is one of the most present brands on TikTok! It has managed to stand out thanks to innovative challenges, such as the #burritochallenge!


Would you be able to finish this giant burrito? (cr: @nicolemiizuka) #whatthissays #burrito #burritochallenge #xyzcba

♬ Supalonely (feat. Gus Dapperton) – BENEE


Gruppomimo – 475.6K likes

From pasta cooked in Parmesan cheese to Neapolitan pizzas, this French restaurant is currently the talk of the town on TikTok. She shares her gourmet Italian recipes and behind-the-scenes stories from her restaurants! 


Dunkin’ Donuts – 21.3M likes

This American coffee and doughnut company shows its latest creations according to the current season to attract customers to its shops.


3 food influencers that you must follow on TikTok

Chelsweets – 74.6M likes

Chelsey White is a food blogger specialized in designed cakes. She creates amazing cakes.


Clearly I need to make a @Taylor Swift cake series, right?! #redalbum #alltoowell #chelsweets

♬ All Too Well (Taylor’s Version) – Taylor Swift


Gordon Ramsay – 449.7M likes

Gordon Ramsay is a multi-Michelin starred chef and is well-known on English TV. As a real all star influencer, he has his own TikTok account where he shares his tips. 


Don’t be a ##donut this weekend….here’s some tips to make the perfect one ! Full recipe on my YouTube ##tiktokcooks ##learnontiktok

♬ original sound – Gordon Ramsay


MaiHomeCooking – 90.4K likes

She is a micro-influencer with 10,000 followers and she shares Asian recipes. 


If you were wondering how to integrate TikTok into your influencer strategy, we hope this blog post has helped you decide. If you have any questions, if you want to know more, Hivency, the influencer platform, allows you to launch campaigns on this social network and guides you through your influencer marketing strategy. 

Photo credits: Jason Briscoe via Unsplash