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How to keep up with the last trends in influencer marketing?
Influencer Marketing

How to keep up with the last trends in influencer marketing?

This content is outdated, we are currently working on updating it!

Today, in order to launch successful and ROI-effective campaigns brands must curate content and keep a constant watch on it. The challenge is to remain competitive and attractive to consumers. Moreover, with the omnipresent innovation encouraged by social networks, some trends can be ephemeral, especially on TikTok through challenges, hence the importance of keeping up to date with the latest trends to remain competitive. Hivency by Skeepers, an influencer platform, gives you 4 tips to keep up with the latest trends in influencer marketing.

4 tips to make sure you don’t miss out on any trends in influencer marketing

Content curation to find influencers

Content curation is a monitoring approach that community managers can use to keep up to date with the latest trends on social networks, but also to find influencers. To do this, nothing could be easier! All you have to do is create an account, different from the brand, on the social networks on which you operate. Then, follow your brand as well as accounts evolving in the same universe or of influencers who carry the same values or commitments. You can also follow inspiring accounts in terms of design.

For instance, if you are a food brand operating on Instagram, then follow your brand as well as chefs and food influencers who will share content that will inspire you. Also, pay attention to the hashtags they use! This is a great tool that is present on the majority of platforms that allow you to gather a whole niche community. 

@omnivorousadam Who would win in a fight a very angry @Jamie Oliver or a chilled out @Gordon Ramsay? #shepherdspie #comfortfood #unitedkingdom #cookingtips ♬ original sound – Omnivorous Adam


Brainstorm with your influencer ambassadors

Content creators are constantly using social networks, so they are the most likely to offer you content that is up to date and that will appeal to their community! So, before your campaign, don’t hesitate to call on your most loyal influencers, who have become your brand ambassadors, during a brainstorming session via videoconference or by inviting them to your premises (ideally). By discussing your strategy and ideas for your future campaigns, they will give you key insights as well as their opinions on the latest social media innovation

During this brainstorming, it is also an opportunity for you to talk to your influencers about your ideas. For example, you can suggest that they set up a poll via a sticker link in an Instagram story, so that they ask their followers what kind of content they would like to see. 


Follow content provided by social networking and influencer marketing experts

  • A newsletter, whether weekly or monthly, is an excellent way of keeping up to date with the latest trends. Brands that offer to sign up for their newsletter will tell you what’s new, what’s trending in their industry, etc. To keep up to date with the latest news on influencer marketing, the Hivency by Skeepers newsletter allows you to receive our latest blog posts every Tuesday at noon, providing insight into the latest trends and features relevant to your strategy. To sign up, go to the bottom of the page!
  • Today, many social networks such as Pinterest or TikTok offer a B2B “for Business” blog to keep you up to date with their news;
  • Webinar has become an important part of the marketing strategy of companies following the health crisis. This webinar acts as an agora, allowing the audience to get more in-depth information on a particular topic, but also to ask questions to experts;
  • A webinar has become an significant part of the marketing strategy of companies following the covid crisis. This webinar acts as an agora, allowing the audience to get more in-depth information on a particular topic, but also to ask questions to experts.
  • The e-book, brings together a lot of expertise on a subject that the company is an expert on or on trends in its sector. For example, we have just released our second edition of our e-book on the future of influencer marketing in which we anticipate the trends of 2022. Twenty or so experts from all sectors are on hand to give you advice! Each month, we publish case studies or e-books to help you optimise your influencer marketing strategy.



Rely on monitoring tools

To help you monitor effectively, you should not hesitate to use the tools available to you, such as Google Alerts. Indeed, this tool is based on a list of keywords that you give it, allowing you to be kept informed of trends in your sector, on social networks, etc. 

For example, for a beauty brand you could enter this type of keyword:

  • Cosmetics;
  • “Beauty industry”. Keep in mind that quote marks are useful for specific expressions;
  • Instagram…

You can also choose the frequency (weekly, monthly…) and the type of news you want (articles, blog…).

Other similar tools exist, such as Talkwalker, which realizes social network and internet monitoring and also allows you to create your own alerts.

With these 4 tips for keeping up to date with the latest trends, it will be easier to stand out from the crowd, optimise your influencer marketing strategy, find influencers and attract the attention of potential customers! The Skeepers influencer platform, combining the strengths of Hivency and Octoly, will support you in your influencer projects to implement influencer marketing campaigns throughout the year. 

Photo credits: Joshua Chun via Unsplash