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Top 10 Wellness Influencers on Octoly

Top 10 Wellness Influencers on Octoly

This content is outdated, we are currently working on updating it!

These are the influencers to work with in the growing health and wellness space.

In the past few years, the word “wellness” has been established as more than just a buzzword, but a growing industry. In fact, the global wellness market was estimated to be worth $4.5tn in 2018 (making the wellness economy more than half as large as the total global health economy). 

With this recent meteoric rise, it’s clear the wellness industry shows no sign of slowing down, making health and wellness influencers more influential than ever. At Octoly, we have a number of influencers creating high-quality content across various areas in the space, from fitness, to nutrition, to clean beauty. 

Here are the top 10 wellness influencers to get on your radar.

Karrah Trammell

Based in Nashville, Karrah takes a balanced approach to fitness, making her a relatable and fun influencer to her nearly 18k followers. “Cocktails and collagen, beerbongs and burpees. Fit but lit,” she writes in her Instagram bio

Herald John

In the past decade, the ketogenic diet (which is high-fat and low-carbohydrate) has been trending. Herald is a keto influencer and athlete. He makes content covering the keto diet and fitness for his 16k followers on Instagram. 

    Noah Richter

    Noah is a diver and photographer who shares his swimming with a smile. Previously a collegiate diver at the University of Kentucky, Noah now works for the University of Kentucky Athletics department. He’s a pro at progress photos and healthy lifestyle recommendations. 

    Francine Freire

    Female surfers, like skaters, are often underrepresented. Francine is the women’s surf influencer to make sure to have on your radar. From Brazil and now based in California, Francine she also posts lifestyle, and nature content to her engaged audience of over 100k followers.

    Taylor Shennett

    Taylor is a Chinese content creator with over 70k followers on TikTok. Posting fashion and lifestyle content, she is currently based in Florida. Taylor is also an adoptee advocate, creating a safe space for the adopted community.

    Kris Henney

    If you’re looking for full-body workout videos, Kris is your girl. She’s a Ukrainian fitness and nutrition influencer based in Boston, MA, who’s mastered the perfect ratio of at-home workout videos and travel content.

    Abe Hernandez

    Do you want to know why your muscles aren’t growing? Abe will fill you in. He is a fitness trainer and international presenter who shares workout tips and tricks with his engaged follower base of over 20k on Instagram.

    Bennie Saldana

    Who says fitness isn’t funny? Bennie doubles as a wellness influencer and comedian, making self care and style content that’s equally hilarious.

    Murs Alison

    These days, we’re checking TikTok reviews before we’re investing in the latest beauty products. Luckily, influencers like Murs can give you an in-depth analysis. With nearly 60k followers on Instagram and 15k on TikTok, Murs has built a community around health, wellness, and skincare.

    Mariah Cheryl

    The global athleisure market is on the rise and isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Neither is fashion and fitness influencer Mariah, who shares her personal workout journey with her followers while being exquisitely dressed.

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