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Customer experience: 

Redesigning Your Customer Journey 

Over the past few years, consumer habits and needs have changed. Dozens of new features have been released on social media, new technologies have appeared, Click and Collect has become more widespread, live shopping has boomed, generating thousands of social commerce sales…


Internet users are more and more connected and expect greater transparency and direct contact with brands. They are also more mindful of peer recommendations: 71% of customers share a review to inform other consumers and 58% are motivated to share their experience with the brand (source: Net Reviews by SKEEPERS, 2022). Brands must adapt to these changes and engage their customers to strengthen their relationship and significantly improve the customer experience.

  • What is the Customer Experience and What is its Purpose?

    Customer experience refers to the impressions and emotions a customer feels before, during and after the purchase of a product or service. It is the result of all a customer’s interactions with a brand or company. ” (Source:


    To satisfy your customers, you need to work on your customer experience at every stage of the customer journey and at every touchpoint.


    The customer experience can be constantly improved by adapting to your customers’ evolving needs. Delivering a memorable customer experience will help boost your conversion rate, build loyalty and improve your online reputation. 

  • Why and how can you optimize your customer experience?

    The answer is simple: your customers are your best partners and brand ambassadors.


    You need their feedback to grow and to meet their expectations. Co-construction is therefore key to optimizing the customer experience, which will in turn attract new leads and increase your revenue! Don’t forget that customer loyalty is paramount!


    Follow these 3 steps to optimize your customer experience: 

    • Create a customer experience program. 
    • Implement a Voice of the Customer process. 
    • Integrate a customer feedback collection solution to your CRM. 
< class="lg:w-448 font-bold leading-30 lg:leading-35 font-primary mb-29 " >Two innovative solutions to optimize your customer experience

Redesigning the customer experience is a major challenge for a lot of companies! Which is why SKEEPERS has developed two useful SaaS solutions to help you save time when collecting feedback and launching one-to-one marketing campaigns:

  • Insight Activation

    Do you want to boost your online and in-store sales? Then, use artificial intelligence. This lever will help you to effectively engage your customers through our predictive platform and with one-to-one campaigns on all your channels. Other benefits include measuring the impact of digital technologies on your in-store sales, determining purchase intent, driving online and offline sales, etc.
    Discover the solution
  • Insight & Feedback Management

    Do you want to redesign your customer experience? Create dynamic and smart surveys with our intuitive publishing tool, to gather feedback and deploy surveys at key moments of your customer experience. Whether by email, SMS, chat, on your website…, collect all the data you need! You can also monitor the quality of your customer experience in real time on our platform with custom dashboards and reports, to identify your key performance indicators.
    Discover the solution
  • Create a seamless customer experience

    Traditional customer journeys have been turned upside down by companies’ accelerated digitalization. Customer journeys have become hybrid, meaning that they are constantly evolving and seamlessly combine digital and physical touchpoints. A seamless experience is every customer experience manager’s dream! It is a smooth, perfect, omnichannel experience, and one of their main objectives.
  • réinventer parcours client

    Leverage Customer Experience Managers

    Is customer experience one of your key issues today? Why not employ a Customer Experience Manager, to redesign it and make you stand out? These experts know how to identify areas for improvement and try to better understand and reassure customers throughout their journey with your brand. Their scope is wide, depending on your objectives, such as implementing a Voice of the Customer program, creating customer interactions, steering action plans and measuring customer experience management.
  • Leverage artificial intelligence

    Providing your employees with up-to-date and complete customer data so that they can implement relevant and targeted marketing actions for each customer is a must. Artificial intelligence allows you to meet this challenge by reinventing the customer experience. Chatbots are the perfect example of customer experience AI. Chatbots enable brands to respond to customers in an automated way or to put them in contact with an operator. According to a study by ’Enghouse Interactive, 95% of customer interactions by 2025 will be handled by AI.
  • 26%

    In 2020, mobile e-commerce sales grew by 26% to reach 338 billion dollars. In 2019, revenues were only 269 billion dollars and 207.15 billion dollars in 2018.


  • 67%

    of consumers now expect a hybrid customer journey.


  • 74%

    of consumers now expect a hybrid customer journey.


  • 67%

    67% of consumers would stop doing business with a brand because of a company or employee’s rudeness or apathy.

    Analytics Insight

10 customer experience trends:

  • The future of customer experience will be hybrid. 
  • Human interactions and empathy will build the experiences of tomorrow: the human touch is key. 
  • Get ready for an artificial intelligence revolution: AI is being used to make existing tools “smarter”, especially in data analysis and customer relations. The global AI software market is also expected to grow quickly in the coming years, reaching 126 billion dollars (Source: Statista, 2022). 
  • Hyper-personalization is at the heart of all marketing strategies. 
  • The future will be made up of authenticity and social proof. 
  • Co-construction is a key part of the customer experience: your customers are your best allies to build a successful brand.
  • Live Shopping and consumer videos will become even more powerful levers. 
  • Data and customer insight will create market leaders.  
  • IoT (Internet of Behavior) will shape the future of the customer experience. 
  • The world is moving towards zero cookies.

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