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3 influencer marketing tools you need for successful campaigns
Influencer Marketing

3 influencer marketing tools you need for successful campaigns

This content is outdated, we are currently working on updating it!

Nowadays, the impact influencer marketing has on consumers is such that by communicating on any social media you’ll achieve reasonable success for any influencer marketing campaign. This is the case for Instagram, for example: whatever the objective of your campaign may be, this social media will render good results.

However, the objective should always be to profit as much as possible from your influencer marketing campaigns, using the different influencer marketing tools at your disposal. Why settle for “good” results when “excellent” results are achievable? To achieve precise objectives through our influencer marketing campaigns, we should strive for excellency. But, how can we make the jump from average to excellent? 

One of the most important steps in this evolution will be choosing the adequate social media network for your influencer campaigns. In this article we’re sharing 3 influencer marketing tools that’ll help you find the ideal social media for your brand. 

Influencer marketing tool nº1: get to know your audience

For a brand, the consumer is always a priority. Influencer marketing campaigns are launched for them: it’s the way we as brands can establish an almost direct communication channel between us and our potential clients.


With this in mind, it’s obvious we should launch our influencer campaigns on the app where the majority of our consumers are. Communicating on a social media where our audience is scarcely present will mean an inefficient influencer campaign. It’s not up to consumers to chase you around, you have to go find them wherever they are.

For this, analyze your consumer’s profiles before launching your influencer marketing campaigns. This influencer marketing tool will give you the necessary information to understand the habits of your consumers and be able to locate them in the social media environment. Here are 3 key points you should absolutely know about your consumers:

  • Knowing your audience’s general characteristics (age, gender…) is absolutely essential, as it will affect everything, from the choice of influencers, to the product packaging, through the tone of voice all the way up to the social media for your influencer campaigns.
  • Your clients personal motivations and aspirations. Nowadays, storytelling is essential on social media to guarantee the success of an enterprise and the loyalty of consumers. What are their aspirations? What’s their lifestyle like? This information will help you not only build a discourse around your products/services, but also find the social media and the influencers that resemble your audience.
  • How do they prefer to receive information? This will be essential when choosing the social media for your influencer campaign. Does your client prefer video, photo or written content? Maybe they’re only really into podcasts. The answer to this question will most likely direct you straight to the social media best adapted to your campaign.

Influencer marketing tool nº 2: stay up-to-date with the latest social media trends

You’ve successfully implemented the first influencer marketing tool and have gotten to know your audience: you know everything about them! From here on, watch out, don’t make the mistake of thinking the work is done! Social media apps are in constant evolution and develop at a frenetic pace. For now, you’ve found the social media that hosts the majority of your audience, but tomorrow that social media could change! That’s why, to guarantee the maximum success of your influencer marketing campaigns, you have to make the effort of being up to date with the latest novelties of the sector.

Here’s a basic list of elements you should keep an eye on: 

  • Know the new social media apps that are being launched. Even though there’s a series of mature social media that are well implemented and will rarely be threatened, new actors appear constantly in the sector, and they could very well attract the attention of your consumers. Potentially, your current campaigns could become obsolete. Being one of the first to notice and migrate to new social medias can be a considerable advantage. We can take as an example the cases of TikTok and Clubhouse, two social medias that have rapidly become crucial actors of the influencer marketing landscape.
  • Check regularly the latest functionalities of your consumer’s favorite social medias. Chat with your influencers to get to know the trending novelties and don’t hesitate to try them out for your next influencer marketing campaigns.
  • Follow the trends in each social media. A trend associated to your sector of activity could become viral at any moment, and you should be prepared to incorporate it to your strategy and launch an influencer marketing campaign. If the trend occurs in a social media that’s not popular with your audience, prepare for a potential migration.

Influencer marketing tool nº 3: compare and analyze the results of your campaigns

You’ve employed the first two influencer marketing tools to ensure the success of your influencer marketing campaigns: you know your clients better than they know themselves and you’re a social media expert, nothing passes you by, and you’re aware of all the latest trends. We have one more influencer marketing tool to share, and you’ll be ready to launch influencer campaigns that will render excellent results.

The best strategy to follow in influencer marketing is to launch numerous campaigns in a variety of networks to analyze the efficiency of each. This can be useful to prove that your initial hunch was indeed correct, but you may also notice different phenomenons like for instance, a social media that doesn’t host a lot of your customers may prove much more engaging.  Influencer campaigns aren’t limited to one social media, and depending on the objectives of each campaign you’ll prefer the network with farther reach or the one with a higher engagement.

For the brands that want to profit as much as possible from their influencer marketing strategy, the final step would be to request the services of an influencer platform such as Hivency. The artificial intelligent tools provided by our platform guarantee any brand will be able to choose its influencers carefully according to a detailed series of factors. Furthermore, our personalized influence support team will keep you informed and up-to-day with the latest social media novelties, which will allow you to optimize your influencer campaigns and adapt to the market.

Photo credit: Anthony Shkraba via Pexels