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5 Signs You Need Feedback to Fix Your Customer Experience

5 Signs You Need Feedback to Fix Your Customer Experience

Delivering a good customer experience is absolutely necessary for all businesses nowadays, and companies are putting lots of money in order to deliver that great experience to their customers.

But how do you evaluate the effectiveness of the decisions you are making? This article will take you through a few signs you need to look out for, in order to understand why your customer experience is going down the drain and how to use feedback in order to fix it back up.

An  Accenture study revealed that more than 80% of B2B executives, said customer experience is a strategic priority and that they would be investing more year-over-year in this area, as they consider there is no question that this investment pays off.

A Forrester Research study involving 7,538 consumers across 175 US firms found strong correlations between great customer experiences – those which rate highly in effectiveness, ease, and emotional engagement – and customer loyalty, willingness to repurchase, and likelihood to recommend a company to others.

Discover Why Customer Experience Starts With Customer Knowledge.

While it goes without saying that every business nowadays must talk with its customers to find out what is or isn’t working, there are some clear indicators you should look for to know if your business is especially at risk of customer dissatisfaction and therefore defeciency.

If you are experiencing any of the following five problems, you absolutely need to consider ways to improve your customer experience. Investing in methods for gathering customer feedback to make these improvements, is a good place to start.

#1 – You’re losing your customers? Get their feedback

Research shows that a typical business only hears from about 4% of its dissatisfied customers that actually care to complain about the issues they have encountered, the other 96% just leave without you ever knowing what, when, how and why they did. The worst part is that 91% of these people never come back.

MyFeelback leaving customer survey

A good customer feedback program, allows you to identify how well you are meeting customer needs by asking them about their experience and it alerts you when you aren’t doing so good, before it’s too late for you to take any action.

#2 – You are not providing a smooth customer experience

95% of complaining customers will do business with you again, if you handle their complaints successfully and in a timely manner. Make sure you are providing them with a smooth experience, that doesn’t request too much effort from them, and when their experience gets a bit bumpy like it can with any company just make sure to take care about it.

If problems are falling through the cracks or your team is not promptly addressing the issues, you will lose your fustrated customers forever, which results in a big lost opportunity, that truly hurts your business.

MyFeelback satisfaction survey

Keep in mind that customers who have their issue successfully resolved in a timely manner, are likely to tell 4-6 people about their experience.

With the right feedback program in place, you will be better positioned to track and address problems, giving your customers no reason to give up on you. Actually, this will even develop their trust towards your brand and push them to say good things about you.

#3 – You’re not providing customers with a consistent customer experience

Your customers are no doubt doing business with you via multiple channels and departments, but these various experiences lead to just one overall impression of your company at the end of the day.


When customer information is not shared across channels and departments, the customer will have an inconsistent experience, creating a negative perception of your business.

In fact, 92% of surveyed companies have found a clear correlation between the decline of customer satisfaction and inconsistent service.  Multi-channel, multi-department customer feedback will help to ensure smoother business operations.

#4 – Your customers are spreading bad word of mouth about you

Considering 90% of customers are influenced by online reviews, you can’t afford to have your customers talk behind your back.


You need to think proactively: address your customers’ complaints before they share them with the rest of the world, and we know how easy that is these days with social media.

By regularly gathering feedback, you will get plenty of opportunities to address problems with customers before those problems become public knowledge.

#5 – You don’t understand what sets you apart from the competition: get customer feedback

Clearly, today’s market place is highly competitive with 89% of businesses now competing primarily on customer experience.

But if you don’t know how your experience holds up against that of the competition, you are operating at a disadvantage. After all, saying you have the best service isn’t the same thing as actually providing it.

Gathering feedback to gauge where you stand in relation to your competition will clarify what you are doing well or what you need to do better.

MyFeelback competition analysis survey

Feedback repairs and increases great customer experience

If you truly want to impress your customers with an awesome experience, an experience which gives them no reason to ever consider leaving you for a competitor, you need to:

Track your customers, make their feedback actionable and develop a holistic view of the experience you are offering them.

Businesses that fail to do these things not only tarnish their reputation, but also drive customers to the competition.

Successful businesses have come to understand the necessity of investing time, money, and resources into improving the customer experience, specifically via customer feedback mechanisms which enable them to:

  • Better understand their customer journey across multiple channels and departments.
  • Have a clearer view on the journey they’re offering and if it’s desirable or not.
  • Create a business that is dedicated to being customer-centric.

Customer feedback is, without question, your best tool for making sure you are delivering an experience that is worth your customers’ money, loyalty and good will. There are various ways and forms for collecting customer feedback, MyFeelBack’s solution for instance, allows you to build very qualified and targeted questions with it’s intelligent surveys, taking into account specific information and acting in real time.

Let insights from your customers guide you in the delivery of an experience that will not only meet but exceed expectations.

At the end of the day, the more you are able to align your business operations with your customers’ expectations, the more successful you will be.

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