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Are You Maximizing Your Always On Influencer Marketing Strategy?

Are You Maximizing Your Always On Influencer Marketing Strategy?

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Influencer marketing has become a recognized marketing tactic that can help brands drive big results. The industry has exploded in the last few years and brands are predicted to spend up to $15 billion on influencer marketing by 2022. Working with influencers has become familiar for many brands and businesses, but the market is constantly evolving.

Collaborating with influencers for specific initiatives like product launches, brands launches, and big pushes is an important part of a good influencer marketing strategy. But, there’s another strategy that helps build credibility for brands and strengthen influencer campaign results in the long run: your “always on” campaigns.

We’ll dive into the basics of an always on influencer strategy and how you can maximize your campaigns to build relationships and strengthen your impact.

What is an always on influencer strategy?

Always on marketing means just what it says — content that is front and center and top of mind for your fans and followers. For influencer marketing, this strategy focuses on building ongoing relationships and collaborations with your influencers. You can partner with influencers to promote specific your hero products or lines on a regular basis instead of (or in addition to) focusing on new product launches.

With always on influencer marketing, you create brand ambassadors who can speak authentically about your brand or products to their followers. This tactic lets you put your brand and product story in the hands of your trusted influencers so they can add their own spin and reach their unique audience. Since authenticity is one of the keys to influencer marketing success, forming ongoing relationships with your influencers will strengthen your campaigns in the long run.

Why is an always on influencer strategy effective?

Influencer marketing campaigns — both for specific initiatives and always on programs — drive conversions, boost brand awareness, and generate engagement. But, it takes time to see the lasting results from campaigns, especially for increasing reach and tracking conversions. With always on campaigns, you can measure the impact of your campaigns over time and see real results.

Influencers are a great tool for brands because they provide social proof and their posts serve as word-of-mouth recommendations for followers. The power of influencers comes from how trusted they are by their followers and fans. For brands, building relationships with influencers means building brand awareness with their followers. With always on campaigns, your brand and products will become more familiar to your influencers’ followers, which builds trust and credibility.

Always on influencer marketing campaigns also give you more flexibility with your content. If you want to highlight certain products or certain product features to align with the time of year or current trending topics, always on campaigns make it easier to adjust your messaging. Instead of building a specific campaign with one goal and one message, you can work with your partners to share products or information that align with ongoing or seasonal marketing goals.

How can you manage your brand’s always on campaigns?

An influencer marketing platform is extremely helpful for running always on influencer marketing campaigns, especially at scale. The right platform helps facilitate long term campaigns and make it easier to track the data and results over time. Whether your goals are to drive conversions or increase brand awareness about a particular product, an influencer marketing platform makes it easier than ever to track multiple campaigns. Look for platforms with built-in dashboards to see an overview of all your campaigns and how individual campaigns or posts perform over time.

Since many influencer marketing platforms offer in-platform messaging, you can also retain relationships with influencers more effectively. By streamlining communication with your partners, you can deepen your connection and increase the frequency of your campaigns. With automated gifting, you can make sure your influencers get the products they need on time to build trust and strengthen your relationships.

Maximizing your always on influencer marketing strategy can help drive amazing, long term results for your brand. Unlike individual, targeted campaigns, always on influencer campaigns are based on developing relationships with your influencers and their followers. Always on campaigns give you more insight into your customers and your audience since you can access the data as it changes over a longer period of time. Using always on campaigns increases your credibility, builds social proof, and creates loyal brand advocates for your products.

With an influencer marketing platform, you can easily run always on campaigns at scale. Automate gifting and streamline connecting with influencers to deepen relationships. Track metrics and campaign performance to inform marketing tactics and make sure you’re on track to meet your goals.

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