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Beauty: Boost Conversions with Live Shopping
Boost your website conversions Live Shopping

Beauty: Boost Conversions with Live Shopping

By 2024, live shopping is expected to generate $35 billion dollars in global sales, double the amount in 2022. (Statista, 2022) This marketing channel presents multiple benefits, including: 

  • Engaging your community of customers with a recurring event 
  • Humanizing your customer journey 
  • Increasing sales 
  • Boosting traffic to your e-commerce site 

What About the Beauty Industry?                

How can the beauty industry contribute to this ambitious challenge? What are its assets? How can it adopt and leverage this engaging yet transactional communication tool? 

Read on to find out more and discover real-life use cases… Feel free to take notes! 

Live Shopping, an Engaging Conversion Channel 

Similarly to an in-store sales demonstration, live shopping includes personalized advice, exclusive deals and sensory experiences. 

Live shopping is about more than just sales, it’s a shared moment between consumers and the brand.  

The best part? Both you and your viewers benefit. They get one-to-one answers, and you get to ask them your own questions. 

Feel free to ask them if they’ve already tried a specific range of your beauty products, or if they liked the scents in your advent calendar, etc. You can then use this valuable information to update your core target or personas, for example.  

Top tip: remember that direct purchasing is first and foremost an exchange between your brand and customers! 

How to Measure the Success of Your Live Shopping Events 

In other words, how can you get an overview of your live shopping events’ ROI? Start by monitoring your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), such as: 

  • Number of subscribers 
  • Number of logins 
  • Number of live viewers 
  • Viewer peak 
  • Participants who watched the live for more than X minutes 
  • Number of products added to the cart during the live event 
  • Average cart value 
  • Number of replays 
 Live shopping interface - Skeepers
Live shopping interface, Skeepers

Achieving a high ROI on these KPIs isn’t easy. Which is why we’ve compiled a list of good practices to help you. 

3 Examples of Live Shopping in the Beauty Industry 

1. Marionnaud tasks Ludovic, a beauty expert for Sisley, to host its live events 

Have you ever wondered what impact an expert would have on your direct sessions? 
Ludovic, a beauty expert for the brand Sisley, hosts Marionnaud’s live shopping events.  
He knows the products inside out, tells a story and shares his expert knowledge. He also answers viewers’ questions via the chat. 

The concept? 

While promoting Sisley’s Black Rose Skin Infusion Cream, Ludovic transports viewers to a rose garden in Grasse, in the south of France. 

He describes the power of the Black Rose extracts and even creates a sensory experience to illustrate the product’s sensations and scents. He uses specific but easy-to-understand terms. 

What are the benefits for the brand? 

  • Greater product credibility 
  • A relationship of trust with viewers
sisley - marionnaud - beauty expert - live shopping
Marionnaud live shopping. Hosted by Ludovic, a make-up artist for Sisley

2. Yves Rocher Boosts its Retention Rate with Exclusive Live Shopping Deals 

Yves Rocher is an expert in promotional deals. In addition to offering free delivery on orders over €15, the brand organizes giveaways during live shopping events. This form of gamification is a particularly effective sales technique. 

The concept? 

Viewers are asked to answer the following question in the chat: “What region are Yves Rocher products from?”, by adding their Instagram account @ in their reply. 

At the end of the live, 10 people are selected from those who answered correctly, to win a complete collection of the beauty products showcased during the live event. 

Viewers can also enter the competition on Facebook and Instagram.  

What are the benefits for the brand? 

  • Retention  
  • Engagement  
  • Exposure on different channels 
Yves Rocher live shopping – Special offers and giveaways
Yves Rocher live shopping – Special offers and giveaways

3. Blissim Boosts its Sales with Replays 

Did you know that 70% of direct sessions sales take place after the event? (Retail Touchpoints, 2021)

It’s a lot. 

The beauty brand Blissim leverages this statistic by making all its live shopping replays available. 

The concept? 

Once the live event is over, the brand adds the video to a dedicated page on its website, with a description and key image. 

It’s also worth noting that the brand runs regular and frequent sessions (once a week). 

What are the benefits for the brand? 

  • Reusable content 
  • A humanized and improved customer journey 
  • Creation of a community through regular events 
  • Conversion beyond the live session 
Blissim – replay videos available on its website
Blissim live shopping – replay videos available on its website

In a Nutshell 

As you can see, live shopping plays a significant role in conversion, both during and after a live event. 

Monoprix has reported a 30% conversion rate with live shopping… Which is much higher than the 3% e-commerce sites reach without! (Shopify, 2022)

It’s safe to say that a live shopping platform and the implementation of good practices can boost sales. 
So, give it a try! 

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