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Cabi Case Study

Cabi Case Study

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How Clothing Brand Cabi Used Octoly To Supercharge Brand Awareness And Find Its Most Enthusiastic Influencers

Scaling Influencer Marketing and Boosting Brand Discoverability

The Brand

Cabi was founded in 2002 with the goal of providing women with a better way to shop and work. At the heart of this clothing and accessories brand are the thousands of Cabi Stylists who showcase and sell the brand’s collections in a home setting, serving as a first touchpoint for customers. Cabi’s target demographic is women aged 35-55 who are highly engaged on social media and looking for inspirational and sophisticated fashion.


Cabi faced two related challenges: discoverability and scalability. Increasing Brand Awareness with new audiences is a top priority for our 20-year old brand, says Eboni Hudson, Cabi’s Director of Digital Marketing. Hudson’s team hoped to make Cabi discoverable to a larger, as well as a younger and more diverse, group of influencers.

Prior to working with Octoly, Cabi had shifted away from gifting to influencers through a PR agency in favor of bringing that work in-house, with an eye toward building deep and direct relationships with creators. But Cabi’s small influencer marketing team didn’t have the bandwidth to do full-scale product seeding, limiting its focus to its ambassador program and existing influencer relationships.

The goal was to reach a much wider group of influencers while continuing to develop strong connections. “In order to get really authentic storytelling, the influencer has to be fully engaged with the brand,” says Hudson.

The Solution

Octoly’s platform has allowed Cabi to scale its influencer relationships in a smart and streamlined way. Through Octoly’s app, Hudson’s team easily keeps tabs on communication with creators, tracks gifting shipments, and accesses a library of rich and authentic user generated content — crucial tools that allow Cabi to work with a larger network of influencers, more efficiently. Hudson notes that Octoly has also enabled Cabi to avoid the faux pas of contacting influencers who don’t accept gifted products and instead target only those who are excited to try out the brand.

Octoly has created a space where influencers can find and fall in love with Cabi. “What I really love about Octoly is that it allows the influencers to discover us, explore us, and then say: This is a company I’d be interested in working with,” Hudson says.


Since Cabi started using Octoly’s platform, the number of influencers it works with has grown from 50 to 500. There’s a “viral community aspect” to Octoly, Hudson says, noting that influencers are very engaged with each other on the platform and therefore boost brand exposure among their peers.

That network effect has introduced Cabi to some of its most passionate creators. “When you find that kind of brand enthusiast, that’s where it supercharges your awareness,” Hudson says. “They’re not just mentioning your product — they’re full-on telling your brand story.”

Working with Octoly has also allowed Cabi to work with more women of color, which is an active priority for the brand. Reaching a younger cohort of creators has added variety to the ways that shoppers see Cabi’s clothing styled on social media. “It definitely gives the brand a fresh, young look,” says Hudson.

The results in 1 year

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When you find that kind of brand enthusiast, that’s where it supercharges your awareness… They’re not just mentioning your product — they’re full-on telling your brand story

Eboni Hudson, Director of Digital Marketing at Cabi

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