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Customer Reviews: How to Increase their Impact
Improve your e-reputation Ratings & Reviews

Customer Reviews: How to Increase their Impact

81% of consumers are concerned about the truthfulness and authenticity of reviews. Which is one of the many reasons we recommend using a platform to collect certified customer reviews.  
These platforms have other benefits too, including:   

  1. Improving your brand image 
  2. Making you stand out from the competition  
  3. Boosting your sales  

This article lists 3 practices that will help you meet these goals using customer reviews. 

Use a Brand Widget to Strengthen Your Image with Customer Reviews  

A brand widget displays a score that reflects your consumers’ shopping experience with your brand. 

Position it strategically on your website so that consumers can’t miss it. 

You can opt for a floating or fixed widget, place it at the top or bottom of the page, to the left or the right… It’s up to you! 
Your widget’s design and content conveys a strong, serious and transparent brand image at a glance. 

Widget marque - Marque Transport Achat - Avis Viérifiés - Skeepers
Brand Widget of Transport Achat brand, Verified Reviews – Skeepers

Stand Out with a Customer Review Certificate Page 

When users click on your brand widget, they are redirected to your customer review certificate page…  

But what exactly is a “certificate page”? 

  1. It is a web page on the Verified Reviews by Skeepers platform, that is indexed by Google and other search engines. 
  2. It displays all of your brand’s reviews in one place. 
  3. A certificate page is aimed at consumers who want to know more about a brand and the quality of its services and/or products. 
  4. Visitors can apply filters or use the search box to narrow down their query.  
Certificate page - Tiege Hanley brand - Avis Vérifiés
Certificate page of Tiege Hanley brand, Verified Reviews

A certificate page helps brands boost their SEO and stand out from the competition. 

A certificate page is automatically updated with your brand’s customer reviews. Which boosts your website’s position in Google searches (and other search engines). 

In other words, your SEO is optimized because customer reviews are constantly adding content to your website, which search engines love! 
Take Total Energies, for example. 
The French energy supplier jumped up by 25% in the Google search results, just 3 months after using our Rating & Reviews solution. 
Impressive, right? 
Especially when the first 5 results on Google generate 67% of clicks. 

Improve Your Conversion Rate with a Widget on Your Product Pages 

Product widgets are integrated on product pages, to display its reviews and average score. 

Similar to a brand widget, but for a specific product! 

A product widget enables customers to post a review about an item or service they purchased. Which will then reassure future undecided customers. 

Because, as everyone knows, brands need to reassure consumers before they make a purchase. 

The Contribution of Rich Snippets on Your Product Pages 

Our Verified Reviews platform has a partnership with Google. This means that you display ratings and reviews directly in Rich Snippets

You know, the little stars that appear when you search for a product on Google Shopping, for example. 

Let’s take But, for example. The clickthrough rate for product pages with customer reviews in the Rich Snippets is twice as high as those without. Meaning that the clickthrough rate has jumped from 5% to 10%.  
Rich Snippets are also an excellent way of boosting your SEO! 

A good example: Rowenta has even matched its product widgets to its company colors. Which is a great idea that can be achieved in one click.  


These three techniques combined benefit both your customers and your brand, whether in term of design, accessibility or the ‘Verified Reviews’ label which is reassuring.  

If you want to find out more about our platform and its benefits, check out the case study below.

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