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Enrich your analytics solution with your Skeepers survey data
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Enrich your analytics solution with your Skeepers survey data

We are delighted to announce a new Skeepers feature, Tracking Analytics. This feature enables you to integrate survey data into your analytics solutions, such as Google Analytics, Content Square, AT internet, Adobe Analytics, etc.

This new integration was designed to:

  • Enrich your analysis of your website customer journey.
  • Identify areas for improvement in these journeys.
  • Improve your online survey deployment.

What are the benefits of integrating Skeepers with your Analytics tool?

Skeepers is a solution for measuring customer satisfaction and enriching your customer knowledge through surveys. Whereas your analytics solution enables you to measure your website’s traffic and analyse your online customer journey and performance (conversion rates, goals, etc.). We have designed a new feature called Tracking Analytics so that you can integrate data from your online surveys into your analytics solution.

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You will gain a more comprehensive overview of your online journey, and be able to draw more in-depth conclusions, by centralising your survey data in your analytics solution. Tracking Analytics provides a more accurate and reliable way of identifying irritants and frictions during your customer journey.

As consumers increasingly turn to digital channels, it is essential to finetune the analysis of your online journeys and behaviour. For this reason, and to meet our customers’ new needs, we created Tracking Analytics.

We wanted to provide you with new tools to better understand and improve the user experience on your website. This new integration takes your digital customer journey management to a new level.

We have developed 4 connectors to date: Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Content Square and AT Internet. They allow you to configure data flows from Skeepers to your analytics tool in just a few clicks.

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Enrich your analytics solution with contextual and declarative data

You can integrate two categories of survey data into your analytics solution:

  • Contextual data, i.e. the survey pages visitors see and/or submit while navigating your website. This data enables you to analyse the effectiveness of your online surveys and to analyse their reach during your visitors and customers’ online journey.
  • Declarative data, i.e. the information collected in your online surveys.

declarative and contextual data

Contextual data, to improve your surveys’ effectiveness

By enriching your analytics solution with contextual survey data, you can identify which of your website pages and journeys generate the most survey submissions. For example, you can feed the number of visitors who complete your online survey into your analytics solution.

This new data enables you to:

  • Identify good survey deployment practices.
  • Duplicate these good practices to improve your online survey visitor engagement.

Declarative data, to detect irritants on your website journeys

Declarative data includes the answers you collect from your users and/or customers via surveys deployed on your website. Integrating this declarative data into your analytics solution allows to enrich your web analytics data with satisfaction data.

The aim of associating analytical and declarative data together is to identify the enchantments, satisfactions, irritants and frictions at every step of the website customer journey.

For example, you can integrate a satisfaction rating into your analytics solution after a visit to your website to:

  • Analyse the journey of dissatisfied customers.
  • Detect irritants in your website journey.
  • Create a segment of customers who were not satisfied with their website experience.

This is just an overview of what our Tracking Analytics feature offers. You can also integrate verbatims, again with the aim of identifying areas for improving your digital experience.


Our Tracking Analytics feature, and these new integrations in your analytics solutions, will take your web analytics to a new level. It is designed to help you improve your website survey engagement and optimise your digital customer journey.

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