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How Family Skincare Brand Evereden Increased Efficiency And Reduced Costs With Octoly

Engage With New Audiences At Scale

The Brand

Evereden makes safe baby, kids and mom (pregnancy and postpartum) skincare products formulated with natural ingredients, including their bestselling Golden Belly Serum, a new collection of Multi-Vitamin Kids Skincare, baby bath products and more. The family skincare brand is “made by Moms in Medicine™”, dermatologist moms who believe that there’s no such thing as being too safe, exacting, or thoughtful when it comes to getting skincare right and ensuring the healthiest future for you and your family. That’s why Evereden’s skincare is both nontoxic and science-backed, representing higher standards for family skincare.


Before working with Octoly, Evereden ran their influencer marketing efforts completely in-house, says Meghan Takahashi, Marketing Manager at Evereden. As a small brand with a small influencer budget, Takahashi says they were finding it increasingly difficult to find the caliber of influencers they wanted at scale. “In order to work with 30 influencers, we were reaching out to upwards of 200 or 300 influencers,” she says. This constant management of communication and outreach was providing disappointing and limited results, so they looked to Octoly to offload that time-consuming internal work to a proven influencer database.


Takahashi says that using Octoly has allowed the marketing team at Evereden to become more general with the type of influencers they use, in line with their current goal to branch out of niche pregnancy and postpartum content to the general women’s space. She also says Octoly has helped them to increase their efficiency by far, as the team is very lean. “Having that increased efficiency within the influencer program has really allowed us to expand efforts in other areas that we’re focusing on,” she says. “Which has been really, really, really tremendous.”

By increasing the number of influencers they work with, Evereden has also been able to hit higher impression numbers. “With Octoly, we’ve increased the number of impressions via micro-influencers by about 25% and have been able to use micro-influencer content for the purposes of white-listing, seeing quite a strong ROAS on this content, in some cases around 2-3 times” Takahashi says. On top of this increased efficiency, she says using Octoly has been cost-effective. “If we break it down, we’re paying around $50 an asset while saving time and, in comparison, some of the micro-influencer rates alone are anywhere from $300 to $800 per post.”

The Solution

In order to continue to increase brand awareness, the focus for this year in Evereden’s overall marketing strategy, Evereden has been utilizing Octoly to push their brand messaging and new product launches to different audiences. “We’ve been able to work with influencers who we can tap into multiple times so that they can speak to the brand in a very authentic way,” Takahashi says. Evereden has been able to repost the influencer’s content on their Instagram feed also, increasing their network of organic content sourcing.

The results in 7 months

Influencer Posts


People Reached






“Octoly just makes sense. With both the increased efficiency and money-saving, it’s definitely been a big gamechanger.”

Meghan Takahashi, Marketing Manager at Evereden

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