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Glow Recipe

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How K-Beauty Brand, Glow Recipe Collaborated With Octoly to Generate Honest, Authentic Reviews on Sephora

Targeted Review Seeding At Scale

The Brand

Glow Recipe is a popular K-beauty skincare brand that makes fruit-powered skincare for glowing skin. The brand believes skincare should be fun—including sensorial textures, colorful packaging, and innovative ingredients. Their watermelon masks and moisturizers are already cult-favorites in the beauty industry and all of their products are clean, vegan and cruelty-free, and free of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates, among others.


Glow Recipe first approached Octoly for impactful user reviews around the launch of a new product, Watermelon Glow Niacinamide Dew Drops. Following the first collaboration, Mallory Goldberg, Senior Director Of Marketing at Glow Recipe, says the brand decided to extend their goals with Octoly from review seeding with their key product launches to their core product catalogue. “We wanted to make sure we are continuing to update some of our hero SKUs with new and relevant reviews,” she said.

Goldberg says Glow Recipe recognized how critical reviews are to the overall marketing process in the industry, so finding a way to do targeted review seeding at scale was important to the brand. “We wanted to make sure we’re getting real reviews,” she said. “We want people to give their unbiased opinions, and being able to seed products to align with for a specific launch date was also critical.”


“We’ve been impressed at Octoly’s response rate of reviews,” says Goldberg. “Let’s say we seed products for a new launch to the Octoly community; we’ve been averaging over 97% of those people going online and writing the review.” This, she says, has helped Glow Recipe maximize the product and ensure they’re always being smart with resources.

The reviews themselves also, she says, have been “incredibly strong.” “Octoly has enabled us to launch a product at the start with such strong reviews which has helped us with overall marketing.” The best example, Goldberg says, was their new product launch this spring. Glow Recipe partnered with Octoly for their new Avocado Serum in April and, so far, the product has 918 reviews and 4.8 stars.

The Solution

Since the first collaboration, Glow Recipe launched “almost all” of their new products using Octoly’s review seeding, targeting each to align with their product launch dates. “Reviews are critical to us in the beauty space and Octoly has connected us with influential beauty enthusiasts who can try the product multiple times and speak to their takeaway from the product, as well as how it works for their skin type and concern,” Goldberg says.

Goldberg says Octoly review seeding produced highly engaged reviews for each of the launches at a large scale which encouraged more people to try the product and share exactly why it worked for them. Glow Recipe plans on partnering with Octoly on some smaller-scale UGC (User Generated Content) campaigns moving forward to utilize the Octoly influencer network. “We’re excited to test out the new Octoly UGC platform for TikTok, while prioritizing Octoly as a core review partner,” she said.

The results in 1 year



Product Rating


Would Recommend


“Octoly is an extremely efficient way to get reviews from the engaged beauty community at scale and with efficiency. Octoly helped us to connect to beauty fanatics for reviews that are authentic and genuine, but also with some understanding of the product behind them.”

Mallory Goldberg, Sr. Director of Marketing at Glow Recipe

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