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Hivency joins SKEEPERS Group alongside Octoly
Influencer Marketing

Hivency joins SKEEPERS Group alongside Octoly

This content is outdated, we are currently working on updating it!

The Hivency team, Europe’s leading influencer and review collection platform, is proud and happy to announce that it has joined the leading French engagement, customer experience and one-to-one marketing group, SKEEPERS. In this adventure, the French-American platform Octoly joins us. Together, we become the global leader and bring together nano and micro-influencers and consumers from all over the world on our platform.

The first network of nano, micro-influencers and consumers

With a shared focus on improving the customer experience by strengthening the connection between brands and their consumers, it was an obvious choice to form an alliance. Hivency and Octoly will integrate the range of solutions offered by SKEEPERS and become the first network of nano, micro and consumer influencers from around the world.

What will this do for Hivency’s client brands? 

In the space of four years, Hivency has grown dramatically to become the European leader in influencer marketing. Thanks to its many features – the arrival of TikTok on the platform, Fame Check, … – and thanks to its 100+ employees, the company has been able to open new offices in Madrid and to position itself in new markets such as Italy.

By the end of 2022, this merger will result in a number of benefits on a single platform:

  • The opportunity to collaborate with many new influencers and create more influencer marketing campaigns;
  • A more efficient influencer and opinion platform, as we combine our years of experience and our common vision;
  • Access to new countries, European and international, in which to find influencers and build a new community of trusted ambassadors.
  • Simplified access to the group’s SaaS solutions:  Net Reviews/Avis Vérifiés, Teester, Mediatech-cx by SKEEPERS, Lumki, MyFeelBack and Advalo.

And what will this change for influencers? 

For influencers and consumers who connect to the Hivency platform, there are many new features to come, such as:

  • New brands on the platform and therefore more collaborations
  • An even more powerful platform with new features
  • New resources: new content, e-books, blog posts…
  • Exclusive events dedicated to content creators
  • A solution for influence and reviews available in new countries

Like brands, they will have multiple opportunities to collaborate across the globe as part of the world’s largest community of influencers and testers. They will also be offered new brands and customized gifts.


SKEEPERS is a French group present in 7 countries (Germany, Brazil, Spain, United States, France, Italy and Portugal), which offers several complementary and transversal SaaS solutions such as Net Reviews/Avis Vérifiés, Teester, Mediatech-cx by SKEEPERS, Lumki, MyFeelBack and Advalo. SKEEPERS in figures

  • 500 employees ;
  • +100 million euros in fundraising;
  • 7,000 customers worldwide.