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How Go Sport is scaling awesome customer video creation
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How Go Sport is scaling awesome customer video creation

Go Sport is a leader in the French sporting goods market.    
The retailer was looking for a way to improve conversions on its product pages and be more visible on social media. To achieve these goals, Go Sport decided to get its community of passionate customers on board to make authentic and relatable videos presenting its products.

The race to video

According to Google, the watch time for shopping-related videos on YouTube has 5xed in two years. Well aware of this phenomenon, Go Sport was looking for a way to automate the creation of stand-out video content to post on its product pages and social media.

But making videos scalably is tricky. In fact, according to Biteable, 80% of marketers would produce more videos if they had simple and cost-effective solutions for doing so.

And that’s where User Generated Videos comes in.

Automating video creation thanks to its customers

Go Sport used Skeeper’s user-generated video platform to really engage its community in fully-automated video content creation.

Thanks to our video creation platform, the sports retailer reduced its man-hours for the project right down to a minimum, since the videos are made directly by its customers!

And those customers don’t even need to be YouTubers or trained actors. They’re guided through each step of the video-making process thanks to an easy-to-use interface and they can shoot their videos directly from their smartphones. Editing is not a problem either, because it’s all automated on our platform.

Once edited, the videos are approved by the marketing team and then automatically posted on the e-commerce site’s product pages, its YouTube channel, and its social media accounts.  

With Teester’s user-generated video platform, the retailer can:  

  • identify the best customer profiles among its community of sports lovers
  • walk them through the video creation process
  • automatically edit and optimize the videos for e-commerce
  • instantly post the videos on its product pages and YouTube channel
  • analyze the impact of the videos on sales, traffic and SEO

Video creation with a focus on ROI

To track the performance of the user-generated videos, Go Sport monitors:

  • The watch rate: to make sure the content is useful and relevant
  • The share rate: to calculate content virality
  • The impact on conversions: to see how the product pages featuring user-generated videos are affecting sales figures

A community-driven content creation strategy

By drawing on its community of customers, Go Sport is accelerating video creation and humanizing its digital platforms while making consumers the primary focus. 

It’s uniting the sports lovers in its community around a common project and enabling them to share their experience of the site’s products easily and authentically.
With these new user-generated videos, Go Sport is improving the customer experience on its online store and getting lots of fresh content for social media to boost its visibility online and develop social shopping.

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