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New Integration: Connect Hubspot with Skeepers
Feedback Management Humanize the Customer Journey

New Integration: Connect Hubspot with Skeepers

Understanding your audience is key to Inbound Marketing. With Skeepers, you gain actionable insights into your prospects, leads, customers and now you can use our new integration to inject this qualified data into Hubspot!

Customer satisfaction, preferences, reasons of non-purchase… any information collected via your smart surveys throughout the customer journey are automatically enriching any contact in Hubspot, giving you an up-to-date 360° view of your customers, in a single interface. Encourage decision-making based on concrete indicators, and trigger marketing actions tailored to each of your Hubspot contacts.

MyFeelBack Room Hubspot sync

Features offered by the new Hubspot Connector:

  • Create a new contact
  • Update an existing contact
  • See all of a contact’s survey data in the contact timeline
  • Segment contacts based on their exact answers to any survey questions
  • Send a follow-up email based on survey responses
  • Use smart content to personalize your website based on survey responses
  • Trigger an internal notification based on survey responses
  • Create a custom analytics report

Hubspot enrichment

The Hubspot integration allows your team to maximize the efficiency of marketing campaigns.

Other available integrations: 

To learn more about the new connector, have a look at the FAQ section dedicated to Hubspot.

Enrich Hubspot with actionable customer feedback